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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4107 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4107 Start

With the auction complete, Claire has also begun to prepare for her trip to the United States with Charlie.

Because the stay time is long, she carefully packed out two large suitcases of luggage.

She also made a list of preparation matters, according to the list packing one by one every item, afraid to leave anything behind.

In contrast, Charlie is much more casual.

In addition to a few sets of change of clothes, the rest is almost nothing with him.

Because in his opinion, instead of going to the trouble of preparing all kinds of luggage,

It would be better to pack lightly, and after arriving in the United States,

Then the missing things could be bought one by one so that it is more convenient and less hassle.

However, the thrifty Claire does not think so, she feels that many things are readily available at home.

If they pack up and take it over, they will not have to spend money to buy another copy after arriving in the United States.

Charlie knows her temper, so he also let her do what she wants.

However, on the issue of travel and accommodation, he did not give her the opportunity to save money.

He directly bought two first-class tickets to fly to New York,

And then booked a very practical Audi A6 Touring at a chain car rental company at the New York airport.

The driver’s licenses of China and the United States are mutually recognized,

And Charlie had done the translation in advance so that he could use it normally when he arrived in the United States.

As for accommodation booked the only presidential suite in Hilton Hotel directly near the Rhode Island School of Design

The area of this presidential suite is more than 500 square meters, for two people, it is a little too big.

However, he sees it with all facilities, own a small gym, on the top floor, but also with an open-air pool.

Staying in such a room, you basically don’t have to deal with other guests of the hotel.

Charlie and Claire were about to leave for the United States,

And the old man, Jacob, also began to pack his bags in preparation for his upcoming trip to Korea.

His departure time was the same day as Charlie and Claire, except that his flight was at 8:30 am.

While Charlie and Claire’s flight at 12:00 noon.

Since he was going to Korea with Meiqing, he was extraordinarily excited.

And felt that it was no different from going on a honeymoon and enjoying the world of two people together.

Therefore, he has been looking forward to this trip to Korea for a long time.

Elaine saw that the rest of the family was busy with the matter of going abroad, her heart more or less felt a little lonely.

This is the first time that everyone is leaving home and leaving her alone.

Fortunately, Charlie took the initiative to fulfill his promise to her,

And transferred 500,000 RMB to her bank account the day before he left.

After receiving this money, Elaine was naturally excited and all the lonely and despondent feelings were swept away.

This money was enough for her to spend a long time in the city in style.

After receiving the money, she said to Charlie happily and excitedly,

“Good son-in-law, you and Claire can stay in the United States worry free,”

“Don’t worry about mom, I will definitely take care of myself!”

Claire looked at her mother’s money-minded look and shook her head helplessly while instructing,

“Mom, you must not spend money too extravagantly and wastefully.”

Elaine muttered resentfully, “Okay, okay, I know! I will pay attention!”