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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4100 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4100 Start

Warnia nodded and suddenly remembered something, so she asked Charlie:

“Master Wade, by then this orphanage, who are you going to give the operation to?”

“Will we hand it over to the city to operate after we build it all, or will you set up your own operating team?”

Charlie hesitated for a moment and said, “I personally prefer to let an aunt from the orphanage be in charge.

With higher education, with what I know about her, she should be able to handle it.”

Speaking of this, Charlie could not help but sigh again,

“It’s just that she has now gone to Canada to take care of herself, I can’t quite bear to make her work hard and bother again.”

Warnia thought about it and said, “Master Wade, the scale of your project is still very large,”

“Even if we have no problem with the funds, the hardware from site selection to construction to completion and acceptance,”

“It will take at least two to three years since you tend to build our own team to operate,”

“Then I think the person in charge of the matter is not in a hurry to set down immediately,”

“We have plenty of time to slowly We have plenty of time to slowly change it.”

“Also.” Charlie nodded and said, “You first touch program with the city, let’s try to complete the site as soon as possible,”

“And then as soon as possible to get the project design out!”

“Okay.” Warnia said, “I’ll go discuss it as soon as possible.”

Thinking of Auntie Li, Charlie thought of giving her and Xiaofen a call to ask them how they were doing lately.

Charlie calculated that the two of them were settled in Vancouver,

Which was 16 hours later than China, and it should be around six o’clock in the afternoon right now,

So the time should not disturb their rest.

So, he said to Warnia, “Warnia, I’ll make a phone call first.”

“Okay Master Wade.”

Charlie picked up his phone and found Xiaofen’s WeChat, so he sent her a voice chat.

There was a quick connection, and Xiaofen’s delighted voice came out, “Brother Charlie! How come you want to call me!”

Charlie laughed: “I miss you and Auntie Li, so I called to ask how you guys are doing in Canada, are you getting used to it?”

Xiaofen smiled and said, “We’re fine here, I am working in a laundry in Chinatown,”

“Auntie Li is raising flowers and vegetables in her yard every day,”

“Auntie Li’s previous employer gives her a lot of money every month, but she thinks it’s too meaningless to be idle every day,”

“Plus the money in her account is getting bigger and bigger, so she opened a convenience store,”

“I am now the store manager and cashier of the store!”

Charlie was surprised and asked: “You opened a convenience store? Is it just you and Auntie Li?”

Xiaofen said, “At the beginning, there were only two of us, but after getting on track, we were a little too busy, so we recruited another clerk.”

Charlie asked, “Running a convenience store must be very tiring, right?”

“It’s okay.” Xiaofen said with a smile: “Our convenience store is the same as the size of our domestic convenience stores,”

“And there is a special supplier, a phone call and they directly bring material to the store,”

“But we also do not need to personally go out for it, the daily work is also very simple,”

“It is all just to collect money, stocking, cleaning, nothing else. “

“Auntie Li is very energetic, she is good and polite, and also helpful,”

“So although the store opened not long, but the customers have been a lot!

Charlie asked: “Aunt Li is in? I’ll have a chat with her.”

Xiaofen said, “Auntie Li has gone to the community nursery class to help.”

“Nursery class?” Charlie asked curiously, “What kind of place is it?”

Xiaofen explained, “This side is called DayCare, in fact, similar to our domestic nursery,”

“In many Chinese families here both parents have to work,”

“And most parents are just over the struggle of the first generation of immigrants,”

“The elderly can not come to help, for the time being, so the children can only be given to the nursery care during the day;”

“The community in Chinatown organized a semi-public welfare nursery class to help these parents take care of their children on weekdays,”

“Auntie Li has been working in the orphanage for so many years, she knows the best way to take care of children, and she loves children,”

“And knows that the nursery class is short of staff, so she volunteered to help, and now she is the most popular in the nursery class!”

Charlie could not help but sigh: “People like Auntie Li are really like candles,”

“No matter where they are, they will burn themselves and light up others ……”

“Who says it’s not.” Xiaofen said with a smile, “Brother Charlie, Auntie Li usually always talks about you,”

“She misses you …… and I also …… I also especially miss you… …If you have time, remember to visit and see us!”