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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 41 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 41 Start

Gerald was so frightened that he shivered and said, “Brother Biao, I belong to the White family.”

“White family?” Brother Biao grinned and said, “What is the White family!”

Brother Biao spat out disdainfully, kicked Gerald to the ground, and said coldly: “The master Orvel just taught a White family stupid yesterday and was given 10,000 slaps in the face. You f*cking dare to follow him. Mention the king’s name in his house?

“Huh?” Gerald was frightened suddenly.

He thought that his brother was robbed by a gangster, but he did not expect that it was actually Orvel who beat him!

Just as he was splitting his guts, Brother Biao directly raised the stick and slammed it down against his head!


Gerald only felt the world spin, his head buzzed, his mouth and nose were bleeding, and his consciousness was instantly blurred.

Wendy screamed loudly in horror instantly!

Gerald is her fiancé and her only chance to marry into the White family. If something happens, her life will be over.

“Ambulance, call an ambulance!”

Wendy yelled in a panic, and tremblingly took out the phone, but was too scared to press anymore, she could only keep screaming.

Brother Biao frowned and said cursingly: “You little filth, you dare to call. Gouge her mouth, let me see how she speaks!”

“Yes, Brother Biao!”

When the boys heard this, they all showed cruel smiles.

What they like most is to destroy the flowers with their hands, especially Wendy’s savage flowers.

Wendy panicked immediately, madly trying to step back, but there was a wall behind her, and there was nowhere to hide.

“Come here, b*tch!”

A one-eyed man grabbed Wendy’s hair viciously and directly pulled her up abruptly.

Then, facing Wendy’s face, the one-eyed man shook his arms and violently twitched.

These little brothers are all ruthless people who have been fighting with Brother Biao for many years.

In just two or three strokes, Wendy’s face was as swollen as a pig’s head, blood mixed with saliva and flowed down.

A woman being beaten like this will leave indelible marks on her face even if treated in time, which is almost equivalent to disfigurement!

Seeing that Brother Biao was so cruel, Elsa shivered again, leaning on Charlie’s back, and the two of them were almost close to each other.

At this time, Brother Biao saw Charlie and Elsa in the corner, and gave an order: “And the two of them, beat them to death! Dare to occupy the diamond box that I prepared for the distinguished guests. They are equally guilty!”

That little brother had never felt pity for delicate bodies, so he reached out and grabbed Elsa.

“I see who dares to move her!”

Charlie’s eyes became extremely cold, and he kicked the brawny man to the ground.

Seeing this, Brother Biao’s face sank, and he directly scolded, “Who the f*ck are you?”

Charlie said lightly: “I am someone you can’t afford to offend!”

“Boy, you are looking for death!”

Charlie shook his head and dialed Orvel directly.

“Mr. Orvel, I’m in the diamond box right now, come down and meet me immediately!”

After speaking, Charlie hung up the phone and looked at Brother Biao coldly.

Elsa’s face was pale, Harold just boasted to know Mr. Orvel, and the result was so miserable. Charlie dared to say such disrespectful words in front of Brother Biao, and maybe his life too was gone.

Wendy, who was drawn into a pig’s head on the side, heard Charlie’s words, her eyes were extremely horrified. This grandson is still pretending to be forceful at this time, is he trying to kill everyone?

Brother Biao sneered unceremoniously: “If you dare to offend the master Orvel in front of me, I think you are tired of your life or crooked in the head.”

When the voice fell to the ground, Brother Biao waved his hand to the boys and said viciously: “Kill him for me!”

Suddenly, Orvel shouted from outside the box: “dmn, Biao, you fcking want to die, don’t you? Even Mr. Charlie dares to move, I f*cking chopped you to feed the dog, believe it or not!”

Brother Biao was shocked as if struck by lightning!