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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4099 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4099 Start

But Charlie is not finished at this point.

He remembered something and said: “Right Warnia, I also want to build a large orphanage in Aurous Hill,”

“The requirement is to accommodate at least more than 10,000 orphans, in addition to providing them with good life security,”

“But also to build supporting kindergartens, as well as twelve-year consistent school;”

“All the construction costs, manpower costs, teacher costs, daily maintenance costs, all of them are paid by me,”

“And the teacher team must be of excellent quality, not only to provide the children with excellent life and education,”

“But also to allow them to read from kindergarten all the way to high school graduation without any discrimination.”

“In addition, all children who go to university from this orphanage,”

“All university tuition and fees, living expenses are borne by the orphanage:”

Speaking of this, Charlie turned his words and said,

“In addition, all children who enter university from here must sign an agreement with the orphanage,”

“And in the future, after graduating from university or master’s or doctoral degree, they must return to work in Aurous Hill for at least five years,”

“So that they can contribute to the development of this city.”

Although Charlie is not a native of Aurous Hill, he has long regarded this city as his second hometown.

He has lived here for nearly twenty years, and now that he has some ability, he really wants to do something for the city.

Especially for the orphans in Aurous Hill, as well as the surrounding cities.

This orphanage and 12-year school complex is a dream that he wants to try to realize.

He actually often thinks back to his life in the orphanage, and those little friends there.

He often thinks of his former self, his co-inhabitants, some of whom went astray.

Before Leon found him, everything was actually not much good.

The biggest reason for this is that he has actually not undergone a very good higher education.

Of course, this is not to blame the orphanage, nor Leon.

After all, the orphanage itself can give these children shelter from the rain,

And ensure that they are fed and clothed, it is already very impressive,

No orphanage also managed these children to study in college after adulthood.

Although Leon had the ability to manage, but for the normal operation of the orphanage everything was kept low-key,

But he also dare not let the orphanage conditions look too out of ordinary.

Moreover, in those days, most of the orphanages because of the funds had conditions somewhat difficult.

Because of this, although Charlie’s middle school and high school studies were very good,

But after graduating from high school, in order to let the other younger siblings in the facility live a little better,

They went into the community early to work.

At that time, although Leon lamented this, but also felt that this was more beneficial than harmful to Charlie.

Because, a working Charlie and a University student Charlie, compared to the latter must be more exposed to the chances of something.

In this layer of consideration, Leon did not interfere with Charlie’s decision.

Now, Charlie does not have the worries that Leon had, so he intends to build such a utopian orphanage,

Not only to let these children have a good basic education, and the opportunity to receive higher education,

But also to let these children know how to be grateful, and in the future to contribute to the development of the city’s own strength.

Warnia could probably understand Charlie’s idea, so she said, “Master Wade, don’t worry,”

“I will definitely communicate with the city as soon as possible,”

“To see if we can help solve the problem of site selection and related qualifications.”

Charlie nodded and instructed, “The place can be remote, but the area must be large, we want to accommodate more than 10,000 children,”

“Their living, learning and daily leisure, arts and sports activities, in addition, also need to settle the relevant staff and take care of their accommodation and living problems,”

“Its scale should be at least as large as a 10,000 people level university, and possibly even larger.”

Warnia said: “Master Wade don’t worry, I will discuss this matter with the city administration in detail,”

“You want to do such a big good deed, the city will definitely be very supportive.”

Charlie sighed: “I am hoping that through our Rejuvenation Pill auction, the entire international popularity of Aurous Hill and the degree of economic development, are brought up to a level,”

“And when the winter snow side of those high-end projects are determined when the time comes to call this group of rich people again to Aurous Hill,”

“Let them do their best to invest in Aurous Hill property, at that time, the city will certainly leap to become a charm for them!”

Warnia laughed: “When the popularity of the Rejuvenation Pill continues to spread,”

“By then, I’m afraid that all the rich people in the world will have to come to Aurous Hill to invest ……”

Charlie said confidently, “Don’t worry, this day will come soon.”