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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4098 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4098 Start

The next day.

The vast majority of the bidders who participated in the auction returned to where they came from one after another with the legend of the Rejuvenation Pill.

Although Marshal checked out of the Shangri-La Hotel, he did not leave Aurous Hill immediately but planned to touch base with Warnia again.

Coincidentally, Charlie also went to Song’s Group early this morning, and he wanted to touch base with her on matters related to the post-auction.

When he came to Warnia’s office, she handed Charlie a copy of the information prepared in advance and said to him,

“Master Wade, in yesterday’s auction, we received $148.7 billion in actual auction revenue in the auction portion of the Rejuvenation Pill,”

“And another $28 billion, which was Mr. Elnor’s installment;”

“followed by the four amulets you made, which fetched a total of 530 million dollars;”

“Lastly is our collection relief, which fetched a total of three hundred and sixty-five million dollars.”

Speaking of this, Warnia said with some embarrassment,

“Master Wade, I’m really sorry, Antique Hall’s resources are still a bit lacking in terms of ordinary artwork,”

“The best we could find basically took out, but compared to Sotheby’s and Christie’s, the top auction houses, there is still a big gap,”

“So the amount sold is not really high ……”

Charlie said with a smile: “It does not matter, the reason why there is still a shortage this time,”

“It is because Antique Hall popularity has not yet played out, but now, Antique Hall in the world’s top wealthy groups must have made a great reputation,”

“Next year when preparing for the auction, just need to let the wind out in advance,”

“Those who hold the top art will certainly come to Antique Hall in droves to cooperate with you.”

Warnia nodded and said seriously, “Master Wade, for this auction, thank you so much!”

“Thank you for giving me and Antique Hall this opportunity, thanks to you, Antique Hall can have such an opportunity to soar to the sky……”

Charlie waved his hand and said, “Warnia, we are in a cooperative relationship, through cooperation, we take what we need,”

“Mutual benefit and grow together, you should not say thank you one after another.”

Warnia nodded her head slightly in gratitude, then hurriedly said,

“Okay Master Wade, in this auction, the revenue from the Rejuvenation Pill and the amulet added up to 149.23 billion dollars;”

“However, at the moment, from a financial perspective, there are no costs behind the revenue of more than 140 billion dollars:”

“If we have no costs, basically it is all net profit, to pay corporate income tax at 25%, you see how this should be reasonably and legally coordinated?”

“The raw materials for making the Rejuvenation Pill on your side,”

“As well as the costs incurred in the production process, can they be included?”

Charlie laughed: “How much do the raw materials cost? With 149.23 billion dollars in revenue,”

“The 0.3 billion dollars after the decimal point is too much, not to mention that I made the production process myself,”

“So it’s impossible to quantify the cost.”

Warnia was shocked speechless and said,

“Master Wade, you really do not consider doing the planning? This is more than thirty billion dollars ……”

Charlie waved his hand and said firmly, “No, just do as I said, pay taxes according to the net profit.”

Warnia took a deep breath, nodded, and said, “Okay Master Wade, I’ll talk to the finance later to make it clear.”

Charlie nodded and added: “Okay Warnia, in addition to all the money Elnor allotted before,”

“Then in the name of the auction, help me take out ten billion dollars and donate it to the China Charity Federation,”

“But have to specify that half of this money should be used for the living,”

“Education and medical care of poor and young people under eighteen years olds,”

“And infants, orphans, and the other half should be used for medical care of old age, poor, widows, orphans and handicapped elderly over the age of 70,”

“And there is another requirement that they do not release the donor information to the public.”

Warnia was stunned speechless, but in her heart, she was exclaiming, “This is $10 billion ah …… really want to donate so roughly?”

Charlie followed up, “Right, donate another billion dollars to Aurous Hill,”

“The use is not limited, as long as it is helpful to the development of Aurous Hill, just use it for anything.”

Warnia’s heart trembled as she listened.

She has seen people doing charity, but really never seen such charity.