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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4095 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4095 Start

For ordinary people, to get the contact information of a top tycoon like Zhongquan Wade, it is basically as hard as reaching the sky.

However, for Marshal, it was not difficult to inquire about Zhongquan’s contact information.

Soon, he got the required cell phone number.

Immediately after, he did not hesitate to call.

At this moment, Zhongquan was chatting with Charlie,

When the phone rang, he picked it up and looked at it, and found that it was an American number,

so he could not help but frown and said to Charlie: “Charlie, I’ll take a call.”

Charlie nodded and made a gesture of, please.

Zhongquan picked up the phone and spoke, “Hello, who is it?”

On the other end of the phone, Marshal said with a smile, “Hello Uncle Wade!”

Zhongquan instantly with some doubts getting a strange number, and directly being called Uncle Wade, he thought is it the child of some deceased relative?

He was surprised when he suddenly felt that the other party’s voice sounded familiar.

It felt as if it was the same man who was expelled by Warnia at the auction today.

Thinking of this, he hurriedly made a mouth shape to Charlie, and the mouth shape gestured only one word: Marshal.

Then, while turning on the speaker, he asked, “Which one are you?”

Marshal said humbly, “Uncle Wade, I’m Marshal An, Margaret is my real sister.”

“Huh?” Zhongquan asked in mock surprise, “You …… you are Margaret’s brother?”

“Right.” Marshal busily said, “We have a total of five siblings, I am the second in line.”

Zhongquan suddenly realized: “So that’s how …… you have my phone number?”

Marshal explained, “I asked someone to inquire about your phone number,”

“So I called you, if there is any presumption, please do not take offense.”

“It’s fine.” Zhongquan sighed, “After all, Margaret is the daughter-in-law of our Wade family,”

“And you are her brother, so you are a relative of our family, so you don’t have to be so polite with me.”

If before today, Zhongquan had said these words to the An family, he would have been scoffed at by the An family.

Because except for Margaret, the other An family members did not consider the Wade family members as relatives at all.

When Zhongquan, as an elder, took the initiative to get close to Charlie’s second uncle at the Swedish summit,

And was disliked, it was evident that the An family really did despise the Wade family.

However, Marshal now has to beg for Zhongquan, so when he heard Zhongquan’s words, his heart suddenly sighed with relief.

He felt that the Wade family’s senior, indeed, still gave a face to the An family.

This also made him relax a lot, so he said over the phone, “Uncle Wade, you’re right, our two families are relatives,”

“But we haven’t had much contact over the years, so we should have more contact in the future.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Zhongquan is also an old fox, naturally, he will not lose to anyone,

So he said very politely: “Marshal, you suddenly find my phone to contact me, there must be something,”

“We are all family, let’s not be so polite, what is the matter you just say.”

Marshal said with a smile, “Uncle Wade is really a quick person, then I will not be polite with you!”

“I heard that the Wade family also participated in the auction of the Rejuvenation Pill in Aurous Hill,”

“And I also heard that you were a VIP at the auction, is there such a thing?”