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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4091 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4091 Start

At this moment, the Shangri-La Hotel.

The auction had already concluded, but Charlie did not leave immediately.

He originally prepared a whole rejuvenation pill for the three VIPs tonight,

Half of which was given to grandfather Wade and the other half was divided into two,

To be given to old Mr. Qinghua and the queen of Northern Europe after the meeting.

This auction could attract so many rich people from Europe and America,

All thanks to these two people who helped to promote the pill and gave endorsement.

Therefore, Charlie deliberately prepared a simple banquet at Shangri-La and invited the three to have a snack.

Zhongquan and Qinghua already knew each other, so the two of them had a good talk at the table,

While the former Nordic Queen Victoria, at this table, was obviously a bit rushed.

Although she was once the empress of a country, but now she has abdicated and lost the halo of the empress.

And tonight at this auction, her self-confidence was not less hit by those crazy bidding rich people behind her,

There is no doubt that she came in by the back door, the value of wealth among these two hundred people it is the absolute bottom of the pile.

And Charlie earned more than 170 billion in one night today by selling the Rejuvenation Pill,

And it was all in US dollars, so sitting at this table right now,

She was flattered and at the same time was also apprehensive.

However, Charlie, who had earned more than one hundred billion, remained humble in front of these three people.

He personally poured wine for the three, rose and raised his cup, politely saying,

“Today, I thank the three of you for coming all the way here and supporting your junior, this cup of wine I toast you!”

The three people coincidentally wanted to stand up, but Charlie said,

“Please sit down, this glass of wine is for me as a junior to toast you all, you must not be polite.”

Qinghua busily said: “Young master Wade, I am a python ……”

As soon as Charlie heard it, he knew that he was going to move to the fate of a story,

And quickly interrupted him and said, “Mr. Lai, the fate of that set, we do not care at this table,”

“If I do not know you, met on the bus also have to get up to give you a seat, you do not need to be too polite with me now.”

Zhongquan rarely enjoyed Charlie’s respect, so he hurriedly advised Qinghua:

“Mr. Lai, just sit down, don’t make things difficult for Charlie.”

Only then did Qinghua nodded and said with a clasped fist, “Young Master Wade, then allow me to be rude!”

Charlie smiled faintly, and looked at the old queen beside him, she at this time is even more nervous and full of apprehension,

Not able to decide whether to sit or stand, her legs slightly hard,

Keeping a bit of distance between her body and chair, half-standing half-sitting.

Charlie said: “Ms. Iliad, it is the same for you too, please sit down.”

Only then did the old queen sat back in her chair and said gratefully,

“I would also like to thank Mr. Wade for his unprecedented invitation,”

“Otherwise I would not have the qualifications to participate in this auction.”

Charlie said with a smile, “I see you have bid a few rounds at the beginning, how do you feel?”

The old queen said with embarrassment: “That is because I was not self-respecting ……”

“I thought I might have a chance to get the first copy of the Rejuvenation Pill by putting up my entire fortune,”

“But I did not expect that the first copy would fetch a sky-high price of two billion dollars,”

“Which has far exceeded the wealth of our entire Iliad family ……”

Charlie faintly smiled: “In fact, invite you to be a VIP, it was with the hope that you could come to the scene to support me,”

“You came to the auction yourself, self-lowering your status, I am thankful.”