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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4088 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4088 Start

Stella was first stunned, then she quickly understood the meaning of her grandfather’s words,

And immediately said somewhat sheepishly, “Grandpa, what are you talking nonsense about ……”

“Young Master Wade, he has already been married.”

Married?” Douglas subconsciously asked, “Which family’s daughter did he marry?”

Stella said, “His wife is from the Willson family in Aurous Hill,”

“But the Willson family is just a down-and-out family in Aurous Hill,”

“The highest assets of the whole family is just over 100 million,”

“And it is in RMB, and now it has already gone bankrupt and liquidated.”

Douglas was filled with shock and said offhandedly, “This …… how is this possible?”

“The young master of the titled Wade family,

The grandson of the An family, how could he marry such a girl from a poor family?”

Stella said, “What exactly is the situation here, I’m not quite sure,”

“But Charlie has never revealed his true identity to his wife, and his wife’s family does not know his true identity,”

“She has always thought that he is an orphan-born son-in-law.”

Douglas pondered for a moment and said, “Between a husband and wife,”

“It is surprising that they can conceal such a big thing, I think the foundation of their relationship is not strong enough,”

“Sooner or later they will have to divorce.”

Stella said awkwardly, “I don’t know about this ……”

Douglas lightly sighed, said to Stella: “Stella, now the Fei family has this huge change,”

“If there is no strong external force to intervene, your uncle’s position is unshakable,”

“And when I die, he will not be merciful to you, young master Wade is your only chance to turn the tide……”

Speaking of this, Douglas had one more sentence that he did not say.

In his opinion, Charlie is not only Stella’s only chance to flip but also his own only chance to flip.

Charlie’s rejuvenation pills are outstandingly effective, even if he can get half of them, he can live more days.

If Stella can really develop with Charlie, the ancestors and grandchildren will have the moment to turn the tide against the wind.

It’s not that Douglas has a strong sense of utilitarianism,

When people reach such a desperate situation, he is naturally unwilling to resign himself to fate,

As long as there is still a breath left, he will still make the turnaround the biggest goal for the rest of his life.

Stella naturally also knows this truth.

When a wise person is in trouble, the first thing he thinks of is not self-hatred or self-loathing,

But how to find a way to break the situation in a crisis.

Stella also knows very well that after her grandfather’s position was usurped by the eldest uncle, she has been in a dilemma.

If she did not go to the Middle East with her grandfather today,

Then Uncle would have to ask her about her grandfather’s whereabouts,

And the bottom line of her conscience would not allow her to betray him for profit.

And now she follows her grandfather to the Middle East, is also the same riding the tiger crossing the crocodile trench.

Since she went to the Middle East, she must be an accomplice and an enemy in the eyes of her eldest uncle.

At present he can’t find her, she can still live, but in case grandpa dies in a year or two, what should she do?

Will she continue to hide, or just take her grandfather’s corpse back to the United States?

The former is such a loser’s choice, she naturally does not want to choose,

But the latter is a surprisingly high risk,

It is likely that she just arrives in the United States, and her eldest uncle takes control of her directly.

Therefore, she feels that her future is also in gray.

In this situation, the only way she could think of to break the crisis was via Charlie.

Unfortunately, Charlie didn’t have the intention to help.

Thinking of this, she smiled bitterly and said, “Grandpa, there is no point in talking about this now,”

“Not to mention that Young Master Wade is already married, even if he is not,”

“I will be in the Middle East, it is difficult for me to have any chance to cross paths with him again.”

Douglas also can not hide his disappointment said:

“Hey! This going to the Middle East, still do not know if I can live to see the day we leave……”