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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4083 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4083 Start

Elnor, who was forced and felt helpless, finally accepted Warnia’s terms.

After he paid eighty billion dollars in cash with tears in his eyes,

He signed an agreement with the auction management for installment payments.

Starting from the second half of this year,

He would have to pay two hundred and eight billion dollars to the auction every year for the next ten years.

As the dust settled, Warnia finally announced in public,

“Let’s congratulate No. 016, who successfully won the last rejuvenation pill tonight.”

Elnor stood up in a flash of excitement, ready to step onto the stage,

While the other bidders all looked a little disappointed.

Immediately afterward, Elnor was invited to the stage by Warnia.

Afterward, the staff handed the rejuvenation pill to Elnor’s mouth.

At this moment, Elnor was already trembling with excitement.

And the other bidders on the stage, one by one, were staring at him with rapt attention.

Everyone had seen the effect of a quarter of the rejuvenation pill tonight,

And they had also seen the effect of half of the rejuvenation pill,

But only the effect of this whole rejuvenation pill had not been seen yet.

Everyone wanted to open their eyes and see how amazing this whole rejuvenating pill could be.

Elnor is already in his seventies, and even though he has the title of Godfather of Fashion as well as Godfather of Luxury,

The bygone years have still left deep marks on his face.

His original brown-black hair is already half white, his face and around the eyes have been densely covered with deep wrinkles,

And his eye sockets have begun to sink deeper and deeper.

His cheeks have begun to shrug down because of old age, falling out of two extremely obvious lines of the decree,

Not to exaggerate, and even have a sense of the dog in the “Cat and Mouse” game.

This, coupled with his two cancer-fighting journeys, made his whole person a few points frailer than his peers.

However, the moment he took the rejuvenation pill, a miracle happened immediately.

His hair, from the original withered white, gradually turned into an oily black-brown,

And the wrinkles on his face began to rapidly converge,

Even his drooping cheeks seemed to be freed from the effect of gravity.

And quickly regained their roundness and luster.

Just now it was an old man in his seventies, but now in a flash, it has become a strong man in his fifties.

This instantly envied countless people.

And Elnor could not see himself at this time, he only felt that he was rapidly regaining vitality all over his body.

This feeling is like when you are young and tired of going out for a day of exercise,

When you get home and almost go limp in bed, suddenly you are back to the morning before you go out in that state of immense energy.

This experience was so amazing that he almost roared with excitement!

It was also at this moment that Elnor burst into tears.

Tonight was really the most torturous day of his life for him.

From the beginning full of hope to later despair,

Over and again ignited the flame of hope, and over and again extinguished by despair.

Even in the final stage, it was close to a breakdown of mind by the $36 billion allotments.

At this moment, feeling the huge changes in his body, he could not help but cover his face and cry.

Because he felt that this moment came, and it was really not easy!

Moreover, the final result of this is really too much for his own surprise.

When he came, he originally thought that it would be good if the rejuvenation pill could improve his physical state

And let him reduce the risk of cancer recurrence as much as possible.

However, he never dreamed that the efficacy of the pill would be so miraculous!

He couldn’t help but lament to himself as if saying,

“Although for this pill, the allocation of goods alone has cost 36 billion,”

“But this is really the most worthwhile thing I’ve ever bought in my life ……”

Everyone else watched as Elnor instantly became nearly twenty years younger,

And the envy and jealousy in their heart reached its peak.

This is the true efficacy of rejuvenation pills!

It’s just a pity that everyone else didn’t have the opportunity to experience it personally.

If they wanted to wait for the next auction,

They would have to wait until at least next year.

At this time, Warnia said, “Thanks to the support of everyone present,”

“Tonight’s auction has ended with the bidding of all the lots.”

“Let’s congratulate the five bidders who successfully bid for the Rejuvenation Pill,”

“And also hope that the bidders who were not successful will not be discouraged,”

“Because if there is no accident, we will continue to hold the Rejuvenation Pill auction next year. “

Once the crowd in the room thought of this, many of them became even more desperate deep inside.

Because once the effect of the Rejuvenation Pill spreads among the upper class,

Next year’s auction will definitely be flooded with more top tycoons.

At that time, if the organizer does not expand the quota,

Then that half of the two hundred people who participated in the auction tonight,

They would not even have the chance to attend the auction next year.

When many people thought of this level, their mood fell to the bottom at once.

Seeing many people’s faces full of sadness, Warnia added:

“In addition to that, there is another good news to tell everyone.”

Hearing that there was good news, everyone looked at Warnia, expecting what she would say next.