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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 408 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 408 Start

Boyu said coldly: “Okay, you don’t need to lick it. I will immediately ask the warehouse to bring ten kilograms of concentrated perfume. You have five kilograms each. You can’t leave until you finish drinking it!”

The Glory Club has fifteen floors, with a huge area, and there are very high-class fragrances everywhere, all of which are imported perfumes.

Therefore, the stock of perfume in the brilliant club is extremely large.

When Barena Wei heard that he was going to drink five kilograms of perfume, his liver trembled.

There are at least two and a half kilograms of alcohol in five kilograms of perfume, as well as various chemical additives, musk additives, and antiseptic additives. If he really drinks five kilograms, he will not be able to save it!

In contrast, licking the urinal is a bit disgusting, but at least he can survive…

Seeing him hesitate, Boyu immediately became angry and lost his patience. He said to the security guard beside him: “d*mn, he doesn’t want to lick it. Give me a slap in the face first, and charge me some interest! “


He gave a direct order, and the security guard of the Brilliant Senior Club rushed over and surrounded Barena Wei and Wendy.

The security guards didn’t say anything, and didn’t procrastinate, immediately raised their fists and punched them together.

Before Barena Wei and Wendy could react, they were beaten with fists and kicks. The beatings blossomed all over their faces, their noses and tears were beaten out, and they were miserable.

Barena Wei, who was in pain all over, struggled and pleaded: “Boyu, how can I say that I am also your senior member. I spent 5 million. Don’t say that my dad and you are still friends. Even if they are just ordinary people, since I am Customer here, you shouldn’t call me either!”

When Boyu heard this, his face turned green: “Do you think you are a member here, so you can provoke our supreme VIP member? I tell you that the entire Song family respects Mr. Wade, and you dare to disobey Mr. Wade. What are you? I tell you, tomorrow I will refund your membership fee to you. From now on, the Glory Club will permanently ban you from entering!”

Barena Wei is going crazy, his eyes are red. The senior members bought it for real money, so why do you cancel it?

But at this time, how can he dare to talk to Boyu?

A security guard ran over holding a few large bottles and said respectfully: “Boyu, here’s the perfume.”

Boyu nodded and said: “Okay! Since they don’t want to lick the urinal, then pry open their mouths and pour them in with perfume! Each can fill five kilograms, and one drop must be no less!”

Several security guards immediately stepped forward, pinched Barena Wei and Wendy’s mouths, and asked them to open their mouths.

Immediately afterwards, the two security guards each took a two-pound perfume bottle and directly unscrewed the lid. The strong aroma instantly overflowed, and the smell was so strong that it was even a little choking.

Boyu looked at Barena Wei and Wendy with pale faces, and said coldly: “Drink so many perfumes. It is estimated that you will be able to ensure that your bodies will not rot when you die. Then find a wasteland to dig a pit and bury. Maybe a few hundred years later there will be an unearthed cultural relic!”

When the two heard this, they were shocked.

No one wants to die!

They thought that drinking perfume was just a threat, but they didn’t expect it to be true. In this way, licking the urinal has become the mildest punishment in the world!

So the two said in unison: “Forgive us Boyu! We choose to lick the urinal!”