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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4072 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4072 Start

In his memory, he had three uncles, his eldest uncle Marshal,

His second uncle Marcus An, and his youngest uncle Martel.

In addition to that, there was a sister-in-law named Tece An.

In fact, these three uncles, as well as a sister-in-law, Charlie met only a handful of times.

But the reason why he could remember their names very clearly was that, like his mother Margaret An’s name.

All were inspired from a classical writing he had read.

Although he did not go to college properly, his family gave him an extraordinary initiation before he was eight years old.

He had been studying classical works under his mother’s tutelage since he was young,

And he has long been familiar with “History” and “Poetry”,

So he naturally remembered the names of his three uncles and his sister-in-law clearly.

And he never dreamed that the 099, who was just expelled from the field, was his own great uncle!

No wonder he looked more or less familiar to him, but could not recall where he had seen him.

After all, his own encounter with him is too little, and more than twenty years have passed,

His appearance has also changed a lot than before when he was in his twenties,

So for a while simply did not recognize him.

Charlie couldn’t help but think: “Great-uncle looked like it’s definitely not for his own,”

“When he was bidding on the Rejuvenation Pill,”

“Otherwise he wouldn’t be pleading to take the Rejuvenation Pill away.”

“Could it be for Grandpa?!”

“But, before the auction, I just talked to Mr. Lai about Grandpa,”

“And Mr. Lai also said clearly that Grandpa, for all this, has always been unbelieving ……”

“Then who was he shooting this rejuvenation pill for?”

Charlie was instantly in deep thought.

Then, he subconsciously looked at Qinghua, who was also puzzled.

Qinghua also guessed the doubt in Charlie’s heart and said with a frown,

“Since Nicolas’s father died, I basically have no dealings with the An family,”

“And now counting, there are more than forty years, but with my understanding of Nicolas,”

“He should not believe in something like the Rejuvenation Pill.”

Hearing this, Charlie finally understood that Qinghua had not seen his great uncle for many years, so he did not recognize him at the auction.

And Stella, who was on the side, just now clearly saw that Charlie’s expression.

It was shocked for a moment when he heard the two words, Marshal An.

Moreover, she also saw with her own eyes, Charlie and Qinghua about this Marshal, seemed to have some kind of eye contact.

At this moment, she instantly realized in her heart,

“Mr. Wade and Mr. Lai, both must have some kind of connection with the An family!”

“Otherwise, Mr. Wade would never show his horror, and the two of them, would never have such eye contact!”

“Mr. Lai would not need to guess, because he just said that,”

“He had no dealings with the An family since the death of Nicolas’s father;”

“This statement is pushed backward, which means that,”

“Mr. Lai had a good friendship with the An family when Nicolas’s father was alive.”

“But Mr. Wade is so young and has been living in the mainland,

How could he be involved with the second-ranked An family in the United States?”

Thinking of this, Stella suddenly remembered another thing.

“My most admired An family’s daughter, Margaret, was married far away to China and down to the Chinese Wade family back then,”

“And then she died young twenty years ago ……”

She could not help but mutter in her heart, “An family …… Margaret ……”

“Wade family …… Zhongquan Wade …… Wade …… Charlie …… Wade ……”

Thinking of this, she seemed to suddenly think of something, and her heart was horrified!

At this moment, she finally guessed all of Charlie’s identity!

“So, he is not only the famous Master Wade of Aurous Hill,”

“But also the eldest son and grandson of the Wade family!”

“Not only that, he’s even the eldest grandson of the An family!”

“It’s the only son of my life idol Margaret An!”

“Legend has it that Margaret, her husband, and son, all perished because of a conspiracy.”

“But unexpectedly, Margaret’s son survived!”

At this moment, Stella finally understood that she, the Miss Fei family,

She thought she was something big when she arrived in Aurous Hill.

But she never dreamed that in this landscape of Aurous Hill, there was a real personality, a dragon, Charlie!