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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4071 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4071 Start

Charlie looked at the old man in front of him, who was already in his dotage,

Smiled slightly and said blandly, “Hello Mr. Fei, my name is Charlie Wade.”

Douglas felt that his body was indeed a bit more energetic than before,

So he struggled to get up and wanted to salute Charlie, but Charlie reached out to stop him and spoke,

“Mr. Fei, your body is still weak, so don’t put exertion.”

Douglas said gratefully: “Mr. Wade …… I have heard of your name for a long time, today I finally got to see ……”

“Thank you for saving my life, if not for your help, I might have died! ……”

Charlie waved his hand, looked at the side towards Stella, spoke:

“If you want to thank, thank your granddaughter, if not owed her some favors,”

“I would not have intervened in such matters.”

Saying that, Charlie added:

“By the way, I would also like to mention Mr. Lai for pleading for you.”

Douglas nodded gently and looked at Stella with tears in his eyes.

As the grandfather and grandchild looked at each other, Stella was also in tears, sobbing.

After that, Douglas looked at Qinghua and sighed softly,

“Elder brother Lai, this matter of your brother has caused you a lot of trouble!”

Qinghua said: “Why are you still polite with me? Besides, I didn’t help much,”

“It’s mainly Mr. Wade and Ke Xin who are helping you.”

Douglas nodded slightly and looked at Charlie again, saying gratefully,

“Mr. Wade, your great kindness, I will definitely bear in mind, but I am now deep in the lap,”

“May not have the ability to actually return your kindness, please do not blame ……”

Douglas knew very well in his heart that from this moment on, he has almost nothing.

Although there are still some funds in the personal account,

But compared to the entire Fei family, only nine cows and a hare.

The vast majority of the Fei family’s assets are no longer relevant to him.

Charlie said indifferently at this moment: “Okay, I saved you and I don’t need anything from you in return,”

“And your current physical condition is not fully recovered and can live a year or two more,

Or a month or two more, but also rely on your own slow recuperation, slow adjustment.”

Douglas nodded his head and said gratefully, “Thank you, Mr. Wade! Thank you!”

Stella also said respectfully, “Mr. Wade, thank you!”

Charlie waved his hand and spoke, “Mr. Fei, I have a question to ask you, please don’t cover it up.”

Although Douglas did not know what Charlie wanted to ask, he still said very firmly,

“Mr. Wade, don’t worry, I will definitely know everything and say everything.”

Charlie nodded slightly and asked him, “Mr. Fei, I want to know,”

“What is the identity of that No. 099 Conrad Huo who bid against you at the auction?”

“Conrad?” Hearing this, Douglas shook his head and smiled bitterly,

“”His name is not Conrad, but when he is outside, he rarely uses his real identity.”

Saying that, Douglas added:

“His real identity is the eldest son of the An family, Marshal An.”

“Marshal An?!”

Charlie heard these two words and his whole body was dumbfounded!