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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 407 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 407 Start

Barena Wei was frightened by Boyu trembling.

He was terrified, but still pretending to be aggrieved: “Boyu, in the information displayed in the lobby on the first floor, there is no such thing as a supreme VIP member. This must be made up by the guy himself. You can’t be fooled by him!”

“That’s it!” Wendy also said life and death, sarcastically: “This kind of person’s shamelessness is really the only thing I have seen in my life. I don’t care if he pretend to be a member. He also specially fabricated a level and even forged a membership card. It’s too bad, you don’t put the Song family in my eyes at all!”

Wendy wanted to kill and punish him, and closely linked Charlie’s behavior with the rebellious Song family.

In this way, the Song family would naturally not let Charlie go.

However, she completely ignored the relationship between Charlie and the Song family.

Even if she didn’t believe in Charlie rag from the beginning to the end, there could be any upper-class resources that could really be respected by the upper-class people, but that was the case.

At this time, Boyu was shivered by these two popular people, and gritted his teeth: “Do you two know that this supreme VIP member is specially set by our eldest lady for Mr. Wade? There is only one person in the world! You! blatantly offended Mr. Wade and offended the eldest lady here. Today I will never forgive you!”

“Ah?!” Barena Wei felt a little bit in her heart, this supreme VIP member turned out to be real? !

Moreover, this level is still set by Miss Song Family?

Didn’t you scold Miss Song Family?

My God…Isn’t this seeking a dead end? !

At this time, Boyu looked at Charlie respectfully and said: “Mr. Wade, these two rubbish offended you, what price do you want them to pay?”

Charlie said lightly: “These two people are extremely low-quality, their mouths are so bad that they are spraying feces. I think I should let them neutralize the breath in their mouths.”

Boyu hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade, do you want to pour them a few kilograms of perfume?”

Charlie waved his hand: “Boyu, people must have common sense. Perfume is a high-concentration chemical product. It’s okay to spray a little bit. Drinking a few kilograms will kill you. Although these two people’s mouth is a little bit cheap and smelly, Sin does not die.”

Both Barena Wei and Wendy looked at Charlie in disbelief. They didn’t expect that he would let them go. This really surprised them…

Boyu hurriedly asked: “Then I don’t know what Mr. Wade has to order?”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “If you spray feces on their mouth, just bring some bashful things to neutralize it. Or else, take them to the men’s bathroom and let them lick the men’s bathroom urinals! If they don’t Willing to lick, and then feed them to drink perfume.”

Boyu nodded immediately: “Okay! Now that Mr. Wade has ordered, come here! First invite the guests from the men’s bathroom, temporarily close them, and then take these two sl*ts to the men’s bathroom and let them take everything Licking the urinal clean!”

Barena Wei and Wendy looked at each other, panicking each other to death.

Licking the urinal? How embarrassing and disgusting!

Barena Wei is a man himself, he knows how dirty, bashful and disgusting the urinal is…

Countless people are urinating on it, and their fingers are disgusting to death. Now let himself lick? Isn’t this an insult? !

So he hurriedly begged Boyu: “Boyu, for the sake of my dad’s face, you can spare me this time… The urinal is a place where people can’t lick, it’s too disgusting. ……”