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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4069 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4069 Start

A few soldiers of the Front who were originally guarding the back door of the VIP room immediately pushed the door in.

They walked through the VIP room and arrived at the outermost fence on the second floor,

And said to Stella who was standing by the fence, “Hello lady, please follow us!”

Stella knew that since Charlie had ordered it, she would definitely not stand idly here.

So, she hurriedly followed the staff and quickly ran to the first floor.

The VIP room on the first floor was very close to the banquet hall.

Karl had already brought the dying Douglas here by now.

Soon, the staff also brought Stella over.

As soon as Stella entered the door, she could no longer care about her double identity and immediately jumped to Douglas’s side,

Choking and asking, “Grandpa …… Grandpa, wake up Grandpa …… It’s me, Stella, can you hear me?”

Karl sighed lamentably and said, “Miss Stella, Master Fei’s breath is extremely weak,”

“I’m afraid that …… I’m afraid that there is no way for him to return ……”

Stella’s bean-sized tears rolled down, choking on a sob, “No …… Mr. Wade will not let grandfather pass away like this”

“…… he must have a way …… he must have ……”

Karl sighed: “I see that the rejuvenation pills can indeed bring back the dead, but ……”

“But Master Fei now …… usually can no longer get the money to buy ……”

Stella also knows that grandfather power is now usurped by the eldest uncle,

With the eldest uncle’s style of action, he will certainly block all the opportunities to fight back.

Under such circumstances, how can grandfather still afford to buy the Rejuvenation Pill ……

Moreover, Stella herself was not sure, not sure that Charlie would definitely take out the Rejuvenation Pill to give to grandpa.

After all, the cost of this Pill was too high, and the little favor she had saved up before was a drop in the bucket.

When she was in a panic and didn’t know what to do,

The door of the VIP room was pushed open and a tall figure walked in with quick steps.

Stella turned around to take a look and saw that the visitor was indeed Charlie, rushed to his front, kneeling on both knees and crying and begging:

“Mr. Wade, please save my grandfather …… as long as you are willing to save him,”

“I would like to be a cow and a horse for the rest of my life to repay your kindness ……”

Charlie looked at her and asked her, “Should I call you Miss Zhan, or Miss Fei?”

Stella’s heart thumped when she heard this.

She instantly realized that Charlie might have already figured out her identity long ago.

So, she hastily bowed her head and confessed, “Sorry Mr. Wade, my name is Stella Fei,”

“I am the granddaughter of the Fei family, not some Zhan Fei’er, but ……”

“But I didn’t mean to lie to you, I just wanted to get close to you and become friends with you in advance,”

“So that grandpa could get the Rejuvenation Pill ……”

Saying that, she also explained: “The reason why I used the identity of Zhan Feier,”

“Is I was afraid that you have early insight into my purpose …… and I used the identity of Zhan Feier to approach you,”

“Approach your father-in-law and your wife, in this I do not have any mischievous intentions,”

“Please have mercy, forgive me for what I did ……”

Charlie nodded noncommittally and said indifferently, “Saving lives is important, let’s leave this matter aside for now.”

Stella looked at him with anxiety and asked tentatively, “Mr. Wade …… you …… can you save my grandfather’s life?”

Charlie was about to speak when a soldier of the Cataclysmic Front came to Charlie’s side and whispered,

“Mr. Wade, the VIP Mr. Qinghua, the old man, is asking for an audience at the door.”

Charlie nodded and spoke, “Quickly invite the gentleman in.”

Immediately after that, the soldier of the Cataclysmic Front invited the worried-looking Qinghua in.

Charlie respectfully asked, “Mr. Lai, what brings you here?”