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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4065 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4065 Start

Speaking of this, Cheng continued, “At the board meeting, in addition to me,”

“All other board members also voted in favor of him to start the highest emergency plan,”

“And he was successfully elected as the group’s interim chairman,”

“And the first order he signed after becoming acting chairman was to order the freezing,”

“Of the two hundred billion dollars of cash, you had prepared in Swiss banks ……”

Douglas heard these words, the whole person instantly collapsed!

The highest emergency plan is the Fei family board of directors developed a set, specifically to deal with emergency situations.

Just like the vice president of the United States of America can urgently take over the presidency.

And issue orders on behalf of the president when the president is in danger,”

“It exists to deal with the most serious and urgent emergencies.

However, to start this emergency plan, not the second-in-command can say.

There must be enough evidence to prove that the emergency situation is really urgent.

And by the majority of the board of directors to confirm, before starting.

However, Douglas never dreamed that his eldest son, who is also the next heir to the family head.

He would take advantage of his absence and seize the opportunity to buy the Rejuvenation Pill to activate the highest emergency plan and quietly usurp power!

Moreover, the first thing he did after usurping power was to freeze the group’s funds,

All in the Swiss bank and completely cut off his bid for the Rejuvenation Pill!

At this moment, Douglas was extremely angry and regretful.

He not only regretted not seeing his son’s true face.

But also regretted that he had not transferred the funds for the purchase of the Rejuvenation Pill to his own personal account first.

After all, it was a huge sum of $200 billion, and according to the U.S. tax law,

As long as the money passed from Douglas’s personal account in one hand, then he would need to pay personal taxes first.

According to the U.S. tax law, using a group account to pay not only can save Douglas’s personal income tax,

But also allows the finance staff to include the money in other names to the operating costs of the enterprise.

In this way, not only is the personal tax-free but also enhances corporate profits and makes the corporate tax burden lower.

In the United States, even if a rich person buys a plane ticket or a car,

they use the company’s money, and it is even more unlikely that an expense as large as the Rejuvenation pill would go to a personal account.

Therefore, Douglas instinctively filtered this payment method when he was preparing for the auction.

Not only him, but all the tycoons who came to bid for the Rejuvenation pill used this method.

Including those who were successful in their previous bids, and all of them paid from their corporate accounts.

However, Douglas, who had a hundred secrets, had failed to calculate that the biggest risk of using a corporate account was this maximum emergency plan.

Once his son successfully activated this emergency plan,

He was the top leader of the group and naturally had enough power to freeze the group’s accounts in Swiss banks.

This is the so-called thousand miles of a dike, collapse in the anthill.

“Without that $200 billion, how can I compete for this Rejuvenation Pill?!”

Douglas suddenly clenched his teeth and cursed angrily with trembling hands,

“This beast …… beast!!! At this time, he usurped my position, he wants my life, does not want me to continue living!”

At this moment, the whole room heard Douglas’s angry roar.

Everyone’s eyes were wide and they kept communicating in private.

Anyone could hear that the old man was being set up by his own family.

If he can’t get the money, this Rejuvenation Pill, I’m afraid it’s not going to be with him!

And Elnor, at this time, renewed excitement.

He had lost count of the number of times he had been desperate, excited, desperate again, and excited again today.

He felt that his heart was about to be torn apart.

If he came back so many times, he would have had a heart attack and hiccuped right here before he could take the Rejuvenation Pill.

He now stared at Douglas, waiting for him to say something like he couldn’t afford to buy or pay.

That way, he would be able to take the Pill for $72 billion!