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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4062 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4062 Start

Just when Conrad was hesitating and struggling,

Warnia once again opened her mouth and asked, “No. 099, do you want to pay or not?”

Conrad hesitated for a moment, put aside all his dignity, and spoke out pleadingly,

“I beg you, make an exception for me! If $100 billion is not enough, I am willing to add another $50 billion!”

Add another 50 billion, that’s 370 billion!

Countless people in the audience were dumbfounded,

Never dreaming that there was still a big man who could take out US$370 billion in cash!

What is the origin of this person?

And Conrad knew very well in his heart that he could not eat the Rejuvenation Pill.

And after eating it, he was bound to become the target of all.

Therefore, he only had two choices.

Either take the Pill away.

Or he can leave empty-handed.

So, he could only try one last time.

If he could take it away, all would be happy!

If he can’t take it away, as long as he doesn’t spend money to buy the Pill and eat it himself, then he has done his best.

In this case, one does not have the credit but also the hard work.

However, Charlie was not in the least tempted by the money.

He said over the intercom, “Warnia, follow the rules and have him expelled from the venue!”

Warnia didn’t dare to disobey and immediately spoke,

“In view of the fact that 099 has repeatedly provoked our rules and repeated warnings have been ineffective,”

“Now I ask our staff, expel 099 from the arena!”

The scene was once again in an uproar!

No one expected that the organizer would give up one hundred and fifty billion dollars in cash just to defend the principles.

And Conrad was completely dumbfounded.

He really couldn’t figure out what kind of godly man was behind this Rejuvenation Pill,

Fifteen hundred billion dollars and he didn’t even put it in his eyes!

And at this moment, several Cataclysmic Front soldiers had already arrived in front of him.

And one of them said in a cold voice: “099, please leave with me immediately,”

“Or I will forcibly take you away from the scene!”

Conrad knew that it was impossible for him to take the Rejuvenationing Pill away this time.

So he could only let out a long sigh and nodded helplessly.

He then walked out of his seat, looked at Douglas who was not far away, and said with an arch of his hand, “Uncle Fei, I’m sorry!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he was led by two staff members towards the door.

At this moment, Douglas’s heart was rekindled with hope.

Although he still didn’t know what the organizers were going to do with the Rejuvenation Pill.

But seeing Conrad leave, he knew that he would be able to see the light at once!

The crowd saw Conrad being led away from the auction venue in a disheveled manner.

And everyone at the venue, while shocked, also began to wonder how the organizer would respond next.

What Douglas wanted most was for the Rejuvenation Pill to be reopened for auction.

In that case, he would only need to bid 100 billion dollars to beat Elnor.

However, at this time, Warnia, after receiving Charlie’s detailed instructions, immediately opened her mouth and said,

“Given that No. 099 was expelled from the hall for breaking the rules,”

“This Rejuvenation Pill will now be given to each offerer, in turn, a chance to determine the purchase based on the high or low bids of the others just now.”

After saying that, she looked at Douglas and spoke, “No. 035, your highest bid just now was 210 billion dollars,”

“So you are in the first position to purchase this Rejuvenation Pill,”

“May I ask if you are willing to deal with this Rejuvenation Pill at this price?”

Douglas was pleased, but his businessman’s nature still drove him to ask tentatively,

“Since No. 099 has just left the field, can this Rejuvenation Pill be re-bid?”

Douglas felt that with Conrad gone, where else in the entire room was his opponent.

He waited for Warnia’s reply with great expectation, but she said categorically,

“No! If you give up buying this Rejuvenation Pill for 210 billion dollars, then the opportunity to buy it will be given to 016.”

After saying that, she looked at Bernard Elnor and spoke, “No. 016, your highest bid just now was seventy-two billion dollars,”

“And you are in the second position to purchase the Rejuvenation Pill.”

“If No. 035 gives up, you will get the opportunity to purchase this Pill for seventy-two billion dollars!”

Speaking here, Warnia looked awe-inspiring and said to the whole room,

“As I have always emphasized, for us, money is never first!”

“Rules and fairness are what come first for us!”