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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4057 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4057 Start

This last whole Rejuvenation Pill was the grand finale of the whole auction.

Everyone was looking forward to it.

Most of the people did not have the qualifications to compete for it anymore.

But they all wanted to see who had the strength to take this Pill into their pockets.

Moreover, they also wanted to see what kind of miraculous effect a person would have if he or she took a whole Rejuvenation Pill in public.

Soon, the staff brought up a whole pill, and Warnia pointed at the pill and smiled slightly,

“This last rejuvenation pill has a starting price of ten billion US dollars,”

“With a minimum increase of one hundred million US dollars per bid, so interested bidders please start bidding!”

As soon as the words left her mouth, Elnor directly raised his hand and said, “I bid 50 billion!”

Elnor also knows very well in his heart, a quarter of the piece has been sold to 38.2 billion.

The price of this whole piece must be in the tens of billions, so directly called a 50 billion first to warm up.

Douglas, who had waited all night for this rejuvenation pill, spoke directly: “I’ll pay 60 billion!”

Elnor turned around and looked for a sound, he, the top tycoon who does luxury goods, has always been active in Europe.

And his assets and businesses are concentrated in Europe, he did not know Douglas.

The invisible tycoon from North America, seeing this old man call out sixty billion dollars, immediately said reluctantly: “I bid sixty-two billion!”

Douglas thought that this old boy could compete with him for two rounds with a single increase of ten billion dollars.

But he did not expect to pull the crotch a little.

So he smiled slightly and raised his hand and said, “Make it a whole, seventy billion dollars!”

Elnor gritted his teeth, clenched his fist with one hand, and raised his hand high: “Seventy-two billion!”

Douglas did not show any weakness and spoke directly:

“Make it whole again, eight hundred!”

Douglas called three times, and almost forced Elnor to the edge of bursting.

Because the limit of what he can carry is in the range of not more than eighty to ninety billion.

And this old man bidding so fierce, in case another bite of ninety billion, they will be basically eliminated!

This made Elnor’s heart nervous and amazed.

He couldn’t figure it out and thought,

“What is this old Chinese man’s origin, why can he shout out 60 billion,”

“70 billion or even 80 billion without changing his face?”

“Does he really have so much money? That’s not possible! Why have I never heard of him?”

At this time, Warnia spoke up and said, “No. 035 bid eighty billion, is there anyone higher than him, please raise your hand now.”

Elnor was a little bottomless all of a sudden, and he wasn’t sure if this old guy was bluffing.

If the other party was bluffing, when the payment is made later,

As long as he could not pay, this Rejuvenation Pill would naturally be given to him.

However, he didn’t dare to hope for that.

Because in case the other party really paid the money, then wouldn’t he be finished?

Just when he was still hesitating whether to continue bidding, a middle-aged man in the crowd directly raised his hand and spoke,

“I bid 90 billion!”

Once these words came out, everyone turned to look at him.

The one who spoke was none other than No. 099, Conrad Huo.

When Douglas saw Conrad’s bid, his heart thumped:

“I thought he was just probing the truth, but I didn’t expect him to really bid!”

Conrad also saw Douglas’s gaze at this time, four eyes facing each other.

He folded his hands and slightly nodded his head to indicate.

Douglas knew that the other party meant, in fact, to make amends with him, the general meaning is: sorry, if offended.

Douglas’s heart was ashes at this moment.

He knew very well that once this person started bidding, he had no chance of winning.

So, as an elder, he also arched his hand to Conrad, his eyes, even with a few prayers.

The meaning is also very clear, after all, I am more than ninety years old, dying,

For the sake of our acquaintance, I hope you can raise your hand, give me this opportunity.

Then, he raised his hand and said, “I’ll give you 100 billion!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Conrad raised his hand again and said flatly, “One hundred and ten billion!”

The scene has exploded now.