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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4049 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4049 Start

After going through the auction of a few more ordinary collectibles, the auction was nearing its end.

As the auction for the fourth Rejuvenation Pill was about to start.

Charlie said to Warnia on the auction stage through the intercom system,

“Warnia, before the fourth Rejuvenation Pill starts,”

“Make sure to make a friendly reminder that if there is anyone who is still waiting to bid for the last Rejuvenation Pill,”

“But whose financial strength is slightly risky, advise them to play it safe and get the fourth Rejuvenation Pill first,”

“Otherwise, it is very likely that the basket will be empty.”

Warnia understood and immediately said, “Next, is the last of the four Rejuvenation Pills tonight,”

“The magical efficacy of the three Rejuvenation Pills just now, I believe everyone has witnessed,”

“And I also believe that there must be many people here who regret missing the first three Pills,”

“So the last Rejuvenation Pill, please try to grasp it, do not miss the last of this opportunity.”

“In addition, I would like to give a friendly reminder to some bidders who are interested in the last whole part of the Elixir,”

“The competition for the last auction will be very fierce.”

“If you feel that your hope of competing is somewhat slim,”

“I personally suggest that you grasp the opportunity to get the last copy of the Rejuvenation Pill,”

“Otherwise, it is likely that the basket will be empty.”

Warnia’s words made the expressions of several of the stronger buyers present somewhat difficult to bear.

After seeing the effect of the first Rejuvenation Pill.

They had made up their minds that they would find a way to bid for that last whole Pill no matter what.

But how could they have imagined that the first Rejuvenation Pill would fetch two billion?

But the second one, in one fell swoop, doubled five times!

By the third copy, the price had already reached 18.5 billion.

If this price is converted, the price of that last whole Rejuvenation Pill is 18.5 billion times 4, which is 74 billion.

If it really came to this price, then most of them would actually have no chance to compete for the last Pill.

So, Warnia was right, if they didn’t make an effort to compete for this last one, then they would have no chance at all.

This also made many people curse the organizer of the Pill in their hearts.

Because, in their opinion, the rules of the Rejuvenation Pill auction were really too messed up.

First of all, it must be auctioned on the spot, taken on the spot, and cannot be taken away.

Which cuts off the possibility of reselling it for a higher price, or splitting it up and selling it, or crowdfunding the joint auction.

Otherwise, the four rich people to pay the funds together, to bid on the last spring elixir, and then divided into four.

The cost may be more cost-effective than such a constant fight.

What’s even more fcuked up is that whether you bid for a quarter of a Rejuvenation Pill or a whole, you only have one chance to succeed.

If you want to bid for a quarter of the pills and then compete for the last one, that’s also a fool’s errand, the rules simply won’t give you that chance.

So, they had to make a choice and a decision now, either to throw their weight around and wait for the last one.

Or to try to compete for the last one, so that if they succeeded, they could at least have a copy of the Rejuvenation Pill.

In their pockets and not go home empty-handed at the end.

Thus, many tycoons who did not want to participate in the bidding for the fourth Rejuvenation Pill joined in at once.

This made the bidding for the fourth Pill even more intense.

The reason why Charlie asked Warnia to remind the crowd was that he didn’t want the price of the fourth Pill to be even lower than the previous one.

After all, during the last auction, the bids of the bidders had basically reached the extreme.

So if the competitors who were aiming for the last one were not diverted over.

The sale price of the fourth Rejuvenation Pill would definitely be lower compared to the last one.

However, after the successful triage, the price of the fourth copy of the Rejuvenation Pill immediately soared.

The previous price of $18.5 billion was quickly surpassed and rocketed upward to surpass the $20 billion mark.