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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4045 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4045 Start

Qinghua and Zhongquan called for bids at the same time, which immediately made others at the scene interested in this amulet.

At this time, Zhongquan also did not expect that Qinghua was also interested in this amulet.

So he smiled and made an inviting gesture and said politely, “Mr. Lai, the first one was from you, I will not compete with you.”

Qinghua arched his hand and smiled, “Thank you, Master Wade, for putting up with the pain,”

“In that case, then I will take this one first, and for the next one, I will not compete with Master Wade.”

Zhongquan laughed and nodded, “Very good, very good, Mr. Lai first!”

Qinghua then raised his hand and said, “I bid 20 million!”

Warnia said, “Mr. Lai, the price of the amulet is increased by one million dollars each time, you don’t have to ask so much.”

Qinghua waved his hand, “It’s not a hindrance.”

Warnia had to nod her head and said seriously, “The first amulet, honored guest Mr. Lai bid twenty million dollars, is anyone higher than this price?”

Although the crowd at the scene was interested in the amulet.

Most of them knew the identity of Qinghua and had quite a lot of respect for him, so no one bid with him for a while.

However, although everyone did not bid, they were still secretly calculating in their hearts.

Thinking what was so powerful about this amulet that they could make Mr. Lai compete for $20 million.

Douglas also muttered in a low voice: “Elder brother Lai and that Wade family head,”

“Who have been sitting here for so long without bidding, why are they suddenly interested in this amulet?”

After that, he asked Karl, who was beside him, “Master Yuan, do you see anything special about this amulet?”

Karl carefully stared at the big screen for half a day, said seriously:

“Back to Master Fei, these four amulets, indeed, are made of high-quality giant clams,”

“This kind of giant clams, these years have not seen much, and giant clams are natural treasures,”

“Itself has the effect of supporting the righteousness and eliminating evil, if you wear it, it more or less has some benefits.”

“However, spare this, it should not be expensive to this point,”

“After all, this amulet is only a very small piece of giant clams, and I do not know the production of its feng shui master,”

“The strength of how much, so there is no way to deduce how effective this amulet is.”

Douglas nodded and said, “Although I don’t know how effective this thing is,”

“But since he can interest Elder Brother Lai, it must be extraordinary.”

After saying that, he made up his mind and said, “I’ll compete for the next one too!”

Karl hurriedly said, “Master Fei, the next one should not bid for the time being,”

“I see that the owner of the Wade family has some interest in the next one, might as well let him auction first,”

“This auction is, after all, the Wade and Song families co-organized, the owner of the Wade family personally present,”

“Also considered half host, although we are a guest, but in front of the host, this point of face still has to give a little.”

Douglas nodded gently and said, “Then let’s shoot the third one.”

At this moment, there was no one else on the field to bid with Qinghua.

So Warnia simply dropped the hammer after three shouts.

Qinghua was in an extraordinarily happy mood when he won the talisman.

He knew he was not capable of competing for the Rejuvenation Pill.

So he had also looked away from it long ago, but being able to harvest a talisman made by Charlie was also a very rare and great thing for him.

According to the rules of the auction, all products other than the Rejuvenation Pill would not be delivered to the bidders.

Until after the auction ended, so Warnia directly started the auction for the second amulet.

This time, Zhongquan naturally did not hesitate to raise his hand and bid $10 million at the beginning.

Interestingly, the other participants of the auction also knew that the Wade family was one of the organizers of the auction.

And no one wanted to leave a bad impression in the Wade family’s mind because of such a small matter.