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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4043 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4043 Start

Douglas, who was sitting in the second row, saw with his own eyes that Todd’s shrunken and dried limbs were instantly renewed with life.

And while he was extremely shocked, he could not help but ask Karl beside him in a low voice,

“Master Yuan, you have seen a lot, have you ever heard of this kind of divine medicine in this world?”

Karl shook his head with a trance-like expression, and at this moment, deep inside his heart had also turned over.

He was a martial artist, and his knowledge of this world was another level deeper compared to ordinary people.

But even so, he had never seen such a miraculous elixir.

Thus, he sighed, “I’m not going to lie to you Elder Fei, I’ve lived for so long,”

“I’ve never seen such a miraculous pill ……”

“This kind of magical ability to turn decay into magic has far exceeded my perception.”

Douglas smiled sarcastically and said seriously, “To be honest, this situation reminds me,”

“When Stella was a little girl, I accompanied her to watch the domestic 86th edition of Journey to the West,”

“And saw the episode in which the Monkey King pushed down the ginseng fruit tree,”

“After the Bodhisattva, Guanyin rushed to save the ginseng fruit tree ……”

Karl nodded and sighed: “Although I have not seen that version of the Journey to the West,”

“But before the age of fifteen, had read the original Journey to the West three times,”

“The plot also seems familiar with this episode.”

After that, Karl said with a longing expression, “Elder Fei, this Rejuvenation Pill has this effect of turning decay into magic,”

“Even if it is compared with the immortal medicine in the mythological stories, I am afraid it is not inferior.”

Douglas asked curiously, “Why do you think this medicine is so miraculous? What exactly is its principle?”

Karl pondered for a moment and said seriously, “Master once talked to me about it,”

“Saying that above the internal force of martial arts, there are two more powerful existences,”

“One of which is true qi, which is a kind of internal force that only experts above the dark realm have the chance to master,”

“And above true qi, there is spiritual qi!”

After saying that, he said with a serious expression, “I feel that this Rejuvenation Pill, should be somewhat related to spiritual qi,”

“Even if it does not contain spiritual qi, it is at least refined with it, otherwise it could never have such an effect!”

Douglas asked, “Master Yuan, why did you conclude that it was related to spiritual qi and not to true qi?”

Karl explained, “True qi and internal force, only the difference in strength,”

“Just like ants and elephants, although the power disparity is large, but there is no difference in essence,”

“This power to a certain extent can destroy, but can never give life back.”

Speaking of this, Karl continued, “However, Spiritual qi or aura is completely different, according to my master,”

“Aura is the most original source of energy for the growth of all things, only this energy can turn decay into magic,”

“To master this energy, its realm has completely jumped out of the realm of martial arts ……”

Douglas was slightly stunned and subconsciously asked,

“If it’s really as you say, then the person behind this Rejuvenation Pill,”

“Won’t he become a legendary immortal cultivator?”

Karl shook his head, “I can’t be sure about this, after all, my master said that in recent centuries,”

“There seems to be no record of aura, so this Rejuvenation Pill, it could also be made by a person with the aura of divine power”

“Maybe from a few hundred years ago, and it just coincidentally passed into the hands of someone, and then was put up for auction.”

Douglas asked him, “Master Yuan, what if this Rejuvenation Pill is made by someone who has mastered the spiritual energy now?”

Karl was stunned for a moment and spoke, “Although I can’t rule out this possibility, I still don’t dare to believe it.”

“As my master said, the cultivation of aura has actually been lost long ago,”

“So it is unlikely that it suddenly appeared in Aurous Hill at this time,”

“So I am more convinced that this Rejuvenation Pill was made by a previous person.”