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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4042 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4042 Start

Todd wasn’t happy for long, but immediately afterwards,

There was an intense pain that came from everywhere in his body.

His entire body screamed in pain, and took the others by surprise.

This pain is all over the body, but especially the limbs hurt extraordinarily.

This is because his muscles have been atrophied for too long.

This muscle atrophy, originally very painful, but the unfortunate thing is that muscle atrophy is usually caused by paralysis.

The patient loses the nerve perception of the atrophied parts.

So they can not experience the pain sensation transmitted by the nervous system after the muscle atrophy.

However, now that the Rejuvenation Pill is rapidly repairing Todd’s body.

The first thing to be repaired is his nervous system, so this severe pain instantly feeds back to the brain, causing him to gush from the pain.

Todd himself didn’t know what was causing the pain.

After all, his primary care doctor never told him that muscle atrophy would make him feel pain.

In fact, these kinds of words doctors can not tell.

Because for doctors, this kind of words is like telling a blind person that,

The sun outside will be too big to make him feel blinding, this is disrespectful to people with disabilities.

So, at this moment Todd thought that his pain was because something was wrong with the rejuvenating elixir.

So he subconsciously reached out and lifted up all of his sleeves.

As well as his pant legs to see why his limbs would bring such intense and severe pain.

This look did not matter, so all the audience in the scene, saw his withered as thin limbs.

His limbs, which had become completely skin and bones, were like four thin wooden sticks, with very disproportionate lengths.

And the skin also almost lost vitality, such as the dying old man, not only a sickly dark brown.

But also full of wrinkles and chaffing, looks extraordinarily shocking.

However, who would have thought that at this time, the skin of his limbs actually began to recover quickly.

The tight wrinkled and cracked skin began to quickly stretch out, the skin tone also began to become lighter and lighter at a speed visible to the nak3d eye.

Soon, although his limbs were still slim, the condition of his skin had improved greatly.

Becoming white and tender, compared to just now, it was a day and a half.

With the atrophied muscles and skin greatly relieved, Todd’s pain also began to gradually subside until it disappeared.

And as the pain disappeared, it was replaced by a sense of unprecedented relief.

Immediately after, Todd also felt that his limb strength began to get back.

He couldn’t help but use both hands to support the sides of the chair.

With some force on legs, the whole person actually stood up directly in place!

At this moment, on the scene, more than four hundred people are astonished!

The entire venue was filled with shouts of shock and clamor.

Immediately after, the venue exploded with a lot of discussions.

It is understandable that the Rejuvenation Pill can cure Parkinson’s.

Perhaps this medicine can repair the human nervous system.

After all, the cause of Parkinson’s is the degeneration of the nervous system.

Based on this, the ability to cure paraplegia is also within the realm of understandable thought.

After all, this and Parkinson’s are both problems of the nervous system.

Only Parkinson’s is a natural degeneration of the nervous system.

While paraplegia is generally due to the external destruction of the nervous system.

But what everyone can’t understand is how in the end it made Todd’s limbs which were like dead wood,

In the blink of an eye, this deadwood turned into a blossoming tree?