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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 404 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 404 Start

Barena Wei took a look at the membership card and immediately frowned.

Not to mention, the workmanship of this card is so good!

The workmanship is much better than your ordinary membership card!

However,he has never heard of any supreme VIP members of the Glory Club! There are obviously only four gears!

Thinking of this, Barena Wei had an answer in his heart.

This card must be forged like this!

d*mn, this smelly rag is so bold!

He even dares to forge the membership card of the Song Family Club. What is the difference between this and forged bank checks?

So he immediately snorted and said: “Boy, quickly kneel down and apologize to me, and then get out of here! Otherwise, I’ll say hello to Boyu, the housekeeper of the Song family. Do you know that I am talking to Boyu? What’s the relationship? Boyu and my dad, that’s like brother!”

In fact, Barena Wei’s father has nothing to do with Boyu.

The two of them are just fellows, and it coincides that they have known each other for a long time, so they are a bit personal.

Boyu has been in Song family for many years, and his position is detached.

It can be said to be a foreigner with the strongest strength and highest status in addition to the big figures in the Song family.

In terms of status, Boyu is much better than an underground king like Orvel.

Because Orvel couldn’t come to the stage after all, unlike Boyu, he was the spokesperson of the Song family on many occasions.

Therefore, Barena Wei often talked about Boyu when he was outside, which could have the effect of a fake tiger.

When Charlie heard that he knew Boyu, he sneered and said, “I forgot to tell you that the Supreme VIP membership card was given to me by Warnia Song, the eldest of the Song family. Didn’t you just ask, which idiot made up this name? This name was made up by Miss Song.”

“I’m going to your mother!” Barena Wei snorted contemptuously, and said, “Just like you, it’s worth Miss Song to make up a name for you? Do you really think that you don’t need money, you can just blow it? It’s going to kill you if you blow it, you know?”

Charlie asked curiously: “Why is it terrible? Is it toxic?”

“I’m stupid…” Barena Wei exploded and shouted angrily, and said, “Will you f*cking behave with me? Do you know, you are disrespectful to Miss Song, if Miss Song finds out, your dog life can not be saved!”

Charlie smiled and said, “It seems you are disrespectful to Miss Song, right?”

Wendy on the side immediately said to Barena Wei: “Barena, what are you talking about with this kind of rag? Directly call the security guards of the brilliant club to come over and tell them what he just said. Will the security guards let him go? You must say hello to Boyu when that time comes, give this stinky cock a lesson and abolish him so that he can’t be a man!”

Fredmen couldn’t be a man, it seemed that Charlie had used some shameful means, Wendy had always hated this, so now she especially hope that someone can abolish Charlie.

When Barena Wei heard this, she immediately patted Wendy’s hand and said, “Don’t worry, Wendy, I will call the security guard to come and kill him!”

After that, he immediately shouted: “Where is the security? Are they dead? Come here! Someone pretends to be a brilliant member and arranges your eldest lady!”

As soon as the voice fell, a vigorous and solemn voice sounded: “Who is making noise? What’s the matter?”

Charlie looked up, okay, the housekeeper of the Song family, that bad Old Master is here!