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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4039 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4039 Start

Todd’s price of seven billion didn’t scare off the competition.

Just then, another tycoon raised his hand, “Seventy-two!”

The Chinese tycoon who had previously called for five or six billion eight hundred million had turned a little pale.

Although he was very bold in his bidding, he was actually not really not bad.

The reason why he was extremely quick to raise his bid twice was to scare off other competitors before his bottom was touched.

But if this is a bid for ordinary goods, he may be able to work this way.

Now the stage bidding, not some material goods, but a life expectancy increasing elixir!

For a terminally ill patient, a quarter of this pill and there is a great chance of complete healing.

Although may not be able to achieve a few years younger.

But as long as the body can be cured of terminal illness, it is also enough to extend the life of several years or even decades.

After all, some of them are only 50 or 60 years old.

After suffering from a terminal illness, the rich can only live a few more years compared to someone with no money.

But if the terminal illness is completely cured, according to their financial resources, living to 80 or 90 years old is not a difficult thing for them.

So, what is on the stage is not a rejuvenation pill, but a universal life expectancy for everyone!

In this case, regardless of what psychological tactics they are playing.

Everyone has one thought, even if all the liquidity to the bone, must shoot the Rejuvenation Pill at any cost!

However, among the crowd, there are a few people with relatively calm expressions who have not participated in the bidding yet.

These few people, rather than not having the strength to compete for the Pill, had been holding back their energy to bid for the last one.

This included Douglas and also Elnor.

In addition to that, there were several bidders whose declared assets were not that high.

They all selectively took out only a portion of their assets when declaring their assets as well as cooperating with the capital inspection.

So their declared value was only about a hundred billion dollars, but these people were actually very strong top hidden wealthy and filthy rich.

Among them, a middle-aged man, who looked handsome, his hands have been clasped in front of his chest,

From the beginning to the end he did not raise his hand, nor does he have an intention to raise his hand.

While his eyes have been staring at the stage, his expression is that of a bit of coldness.

At this moment, an attendant next to him said in a low voice: “Young master, according to the current trend,”

“The last Rejuvenation Pill, I’m afraid it will really go up to tens of billions!”

The middle-aged man nodded gently and said without changing his face,

“No matter how much the price goes, we must take this Pill at all costs!”

And at this moment, the bidding continued.

The price had been called all the way up to 8.8 billion.

After it reached this price, the voices of bidding obviously decreased a lot.

Although all the people who came were rich, but those who could take out 8.8 billion dollars were indeed rare.

The previous Chinese man has deeply lowered his head, teary-eyed, and gave up the struggle.

At this time, Todd gritted his teeth and pushed the price up to nine billion.

Immediately after that, another person also began to be cautious and added $100 million to his base.

The one who offered nine billion also seemed to be ready for a tug-of-war, so he also added one hundred million dollars to the 9.1 billion.

The two went back and forth, gradually leaving the others behind, and also gradually pushing the price to nine billion nine hundred million dollars.

At this point, both sides of the tussle had a feeling of slow death and dying together.

Other people at the scene, on the other hand, began to mentally calculate the situation at hand.

Some people felt that this second Pill might be the most expensive of the four tonight.