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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4030 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4030 Start

Warnia shook her head and said politely, “Gentleman, I’m very sorry, the rules of our auction are that,”

“All customers who have taken the Rejuvenation Pill must come on stage and take it on the spot,”

“If No. 047 has mobility problems, we can arrange for the staff to help him on stage.”

The accompanying staff was a bit indignant, after all, two billion dollars had been spent.

And such a small request could not be granted? This is too fcuking inhumane!

However, before he could comment, the rich black man next to him immediately spoke up and warned, “Don’t talk nonsense!”

The attendant immediately had the sense to shut his mouth.

Then, the black tycoon slowly walked up to the stage with the support of his entourage.

And a soldier of the Cataclysmic Front, shivering step by step.

More than 400 people below watched him hobble all the way to the stage.

One by one, they were suffering, people who can at most take 30 seconds to walk the distance, he walked for 7, 8 minutes.

When he came to stand on the stage, the whole person is even more shaking dizzying.

He had long ago collapsed Tailai, eyes on the rich black man, gritted his teeth and cursed:

“Da*n! This dude is standing there, shaking like a fcuking high-voltage electricity,”

“My eyes are almost blinded by him!”

In fact, Tailai’s quality is not low, usually is also known as a gentle and elegant Confucian businessman.

However, today, his mind was greatly stimulated, and missing the Pill had turned his whole person into a cynic.

Now he is very upset at everything he sees and wants to curse at everyone he finds in the range.

Warnia stood in front of the auction stage at this moment and said with a smile,

“Let’s congratulate 047 on the opening of tonight’s auction.”

“Of course, I also have to remind 047 here that you successfully won the first Rejuvenation Pill,”

“And you will lose the qualification to bid for the next Pill auction, do you know that?”

The rich black man didn’t know whether he was nodding or whether his head had been shaking back and forth in the first place.

Only to see him shivering and reaching out his hand.

Pointing laboriously at the quarter of the rejuvenation pill on the display table and said impatiently,

“Give …… Give me …… I …… I want to take …… Now …… Eat it now ……”

Warnia nodded slightly and spoke,

“Okay, then we will have our staff, personally hand over the Rejuvenation Pill to you.”

Saying that, she saw that his hands were shaking really badly, so she spoke,

“It’s better to let our staff, directly feed you the elixir now!”

Immediately after that, she nodded to the soldier of Front who had been standing by the side of the Rejuvenation Pill.

The other party immediately picked up the Pill with both hands, stepped to the side of the rich black man.

Steadied the man’s chin with one hand, picked up the quarter of the Pill with the other hand very slowly.

And moved it towards his mouth in the presence of everyone.

This series of actions, after being magnified by the big screen on the scene, could be seen extremely clearly by everyone.

Therefore, at this moment, more than four hundred people were on the scene.

Without exception, all the eyes without turning to hold their breath.

No one dared to blink, because they were afraid to miss the birth of any miracle.

Of course, there are also many people with absolute skepticism.

After all, this person’s symptoms are too serious, they are people who have a lot of knowledge.

Such a serious Parkinson’s patient, there is no medical possibility of a cure.

Tailai still can’t help but spit in a low voice:

“Da*n, if two more people like this come, the whole building will collapse with their shake!”

Don’t know who behind him echoed a sentence: “This dude is shaking like this,”

“Even if he dies the coffin board can’t cover it, I don’t believe this Rejuvenation elixir can cure him!”

Just then, the elixir had been put into the rich black man’s mouth by the staff.

At this moment, everyone stared at the screen with wide eyes, motionless and dead.

The scene was so quiet that it seemed like a needle falling on the ground could be heard by everyone.

The entire scene of more than four hundred people are all motionless, almost completely frozen.

Except for the rich black man, still standing on the stage, stubbornly shaking constantly.

And the quarter of the rejuvenation pill, already in his mouth which instantly melted away ……