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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4027 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4027 Start

The Nordic Queen instantly like a deflated ball, disheveled sitting on the chair, eyes hollow, and with a few points of resignation.

This price is already more than she can afford.

Therefore, she knew very well in her heart that she had no chance with the Rejuvenation Pill.

And at this time, many people at the scene have also begun to mutter privately.

Everyone knew that the five Rejuvenation Pills tonight must be like a ladder going higher and higher.

So the price of this first Pill was tamping down the foundation and setting the tone for the Pills to follow.

If its price is raised too high, then the price of the Rejuvenation Pill will explode to an unbelievably high price.

At this moment, Tailai’s mentality was about to collapse.

He cursed in his heart: “Seven hundred and fifty million dollars! And it’s still in dollars!”

“Converted down, that’s more than four billion RMB, just to auction off this quarter of the Rejuvenation Pill, isn’t that fcuking enough?!”

After saying that, he violently pulled his hair, hesitantly struggling whether to continue to call for another hand of eight hundred and ten million.

But while he was hesitating, the Middle Eastern tycoon who had bid before but hadn’t moved for a while.

Now he raised his hand again and said in a deep voice, “One billion!”

Hearing this figure, Tailai felt a surge of anger in his heart rushing to the sky, cursing in his heart:

“One billion, how can this fcuking let others live?

Before he could react, the rich black man raised his hand again, “I’ll give you 1.1 billion!”

And the Middle Eastern tycoon, as if he had a sudden burst of energy, said almost without delay, “1.2 billion!”

The black tycoon gritted his teeth and said without changing his face: “One …… 1.3 billion!”

From one billion to 1.3 billion, only took less than ten seconds.

The scene was once again in an uproar.

Some people who were originally interested in winning the Rejuvenation Pill had inwardly given up on the idea of competing for the Pill altogether.

Because in their existing mode of thinking, they feel that even if this medicine is magical.

At this price, it is already outrageous.

Some people, even have begun to look up a good show.

Because they feel that now the price of this quarter of the rejuvenation pill has been speculated to a sky-high price of $1.3 billion.

No matter who bought this pill, they believe that he will regret his impulsiveness after taking this pill.

While everyone was shouting in amazement, a domestic tycoon said in a low voice to the people around him,

“Fcuk, these people are all fcuking crazy, how dare they ask for $1.3 billion?”

“What is the concept of 1.3 billion dollars? If you use it to buy Airbus A320 planes, you can buy 20 fcuking planes!”

A Chinese American next to him asked with a smile, “You’re funny, how do you think you can compare airplanes with this one.”

The man said: “Because I have an airline company, you know, there are at least a dozen airlines in China,”

“Now the number of aircraft fleet can not reach 20, the worst Airline, all the family counted, has a total of three planes,”

“This fcuking good, take 20 planes for a quarter of the pill is not sure whether the effect is so powerful if it can stand this?”

People around, have involuntarily nodded their heads.

They also feel that taking the money of 20 planes to buy a quarter of a pill is really unacceptable.

However, even if others find it unacceptable, Tailai is not yet willing to give up.

He had truly experienced the miraculous effect of the Pill and knew that this medicine brought not only health, but also more and more valuable time to people.

To him, twenty planes were indeed a lot, but not as important as a long life.

So, he gritted his teeth to death and bellowed angrily, “I’ll pay ten billion! Renminbi!”

Warnia said helplessly, “No. 055, this auction is uniformly bid in US dollars, please pay attention and re-state a price.”

Tailai hurriedly said, “Miss Song, I can’t calculate the exchange rate anymore, so please help me to see how much 10 billion RMB is in US dollars!”

Warnia used the calculator prepared in advance on the auction table to do some calculations and said, “About 1.6 billion.”