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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4024 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4024 Start

At this time, Warnia spoke: “This auction accepts payment in two currencies, RMB or USD.”

“However, since there are more overseas friends present today, we use USD as the unit for all bids,”

“And the starting price for the quarter of the Rejuvenation Pill in front of me is USD 100 million,”

“With each bid increasing by at least USD 10 million, please start bidding if you are an interested buyer!”

The starting price for a quarter of a Pill was set at $100 million, which really surprised many bidders who were not that rich.

Just when many people were still a bit stunned, Tailai raised his hand without hesitation and said, “I bid $100 million!”

In the monitoring room, Charlie said with a smile, “Tailai is really smart, he knows to compete for the first share,”

“With his financial strength, if he can’t earn the first share, it will be more difficult for the later ones.”

“Yeah.” Issac put one of the images, switched to a close-up of Tailai’s face, and said with a smile,

“Young Master, you see, although this Tailai called for a very crisp price, but the expression still seems to be very fleshy.”

Charlie took a look, also could not help but dumbfounded smile nodded and said: “In fact, of the two hundred people who came today,”

“At least half of them will directly decide to give up when the starting price is announced,”

“They went to the trouble of coming here, just want to see how powerful the Pill is,”

“And even if they are willing to follow the bidding, with their strength, after a few rounds, it is estimated to call they can’t get up.”

In fact, even Tailai himself was a little surprised at the starting price of $100 million.

According to the current exchange rate, 100 million dollars is more than 600 million yuan.

The last time he won a whole Rejuvenation Pill, it only cost him two billion RMB.

And now a quarter of the starting price is one third of the price of the whole one last time!

However, Tailai could not help but calculate in his heart:

“Tonight, the first of the four copies of the rejuvenation pills is definitely the cheapest,”

“Because the vast majority of people here do not know how amazing the rejuvenation pills really are,”

“But once the first copy is taken away and taken in public, it will definitely make these people go crazy!”

“The price will definitely go up in the future! So this first copy, I am determined to get it!”

When Warnia saw that Tailai had made a bid, she nodded and said with a smile,

“Okay, No. 055 bid $100 million, is there anyone willing to bid $110 million? Please raise your hand if you have one.”

As soon as the words fell, an old man with gray hair in the crowd raised his hand and said, “I bid $110 million!”

Tailai did not hesitate to raise his hand: “I bid 120 million!”

Warnia was just about to speak when an old man with a Middle Eastern face raised his hand and said, “I bid 200 million!”

Tailai was instantly shocked by the sudden appearance of Cheng Bite Gold, and thought to himself,

“This guy opened his mouth and called from 120 million to 200 million, I don’t know if he really has money,”

“Or if he is deliberately trying to play a psychological tactic to scare away the other competitors by raising the price sharply in an instant!”

Before Tailai could regain his senses, he saw the old Scandinavian empress sitting in the VIP seat in the front row open her mouth and say,

“I bid 250 million!”

The old queen is not worth much, the entire Iliad family, assets together are just enough to the threshold of this auction registration.

However, for the old queen, who had already walked in front of the ghost gate, money is not even a fa.rt in front of life.

To say two or three billion dollars, she really can not take out, but two or three hundred million or even three or five hundred million dollars, gritting her teeth or can take out.

Her current thinking, is similar to Li Telai, after all, she is not strong enough, with limited ammunition, so she has to be quick, to catch everyone by surprise.

Therefore, the moment she opened her mouth, she directly put the price too high 50 million dollars.

In order to show the determination to win, to scare off those bidders who try to wrangle with her a little.

Tailai did not expect to meet two competitors who raised their prices significantly, and in this instant, he even had the urge to shout $300 million to see who could scare who.

However, on second thought, there are already two rivals who play this way, if he also plays this way, it may not work.

So, he raised his hand indifferently and casually said, “I bid $260 million!”