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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4021 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4021 Start

Zhongquan had never dreamed that Charlie would give him this much respect at this auction.

It was already a great surprise for him to be allowed to participate in the auction as a VIP.

But he did not expect that Charlie would not only give him the status of VIP but even let him make a final appearance.

It is not just the final appearance, what surprised him most is Warnia calling from behind the curtains, asking all to stand up.

Stand up and give a full round of applause to welcome him to the stage, giving him the highest treatment for this occasion!

To tell you, at this moment, inside the hall there are all the top tycoons without any exception.

Their economic strength is so strong that the Wade family in front of many people here is nothing.

However, even these people have to respectfully stand up and applaud to welcome his entrance.

In this instant, Zhongquan’s vanity was greatly satisfied.

However, being treated with such a high standard, it was inevitable that Master Wade was more nervous in his heart.

He was even so nervous that he didn’t know whether he should step on his left foot or his right foot when he entered the auction hall later.

He forced down the excitement and nervousness in his heart, and only then did he step into the auction hall.

At this moment, more than four hundred people in the hall stood straight on both sides.

Each of them turned their bodies to the side and back, while their eyes were staring at the entrance.

As soon as they saw Zhongquan step in, everyone applauded desperately at almost the same time.

The applause was so enthusiastic that it even made Zhongquan a little scared.

And these applauding people, in fact, do not really respect Zhongquan, they just listened to Warnia.

She did not just ask to stand up and applaud, but also to give the most enthusiastic applause.

They are afraid of being written off for their poor performance, so they can only put in more energy.

Zhongquan’s red carpet walk less than half has been used to this feeling of attention.

The whole person also gradually relaxed, also putting up a smile on his face.

Not only felt a spring breeze but also subconsciously raised his hand to wave towards everyone, as if in this place he is the biggest celebrity.

After enjoying the attention and applause of the crowd, moved to sit down in the middle of the VIP seats.

After he sat down, the electronic clock hanging above the venue had also reached 19:50.

So, Warnia smiled and said,

“I know that the majority of you have come to our auction for the Rejuvenation Pill,”

“So here I would like to introduce to you the specific rules of the auction tonight.”

After saying that, she started to add: “First of all,”

“Tonight we have prepared two incomparably precious Rejuvenation Pills,”

“Except for one of the Rejuvenation Pills which will be auctioned as a whole, at the end of the auction for the finale,”

“The remaining one Rejuvenation Pill will be divided into four equal parts, each of which will be auctioned separately as one whole;”

“Secondly, of all the items in tonight’s collection, only the Rejuvenation Pill is non-repurchasable,”

“Which means that if one of you bids on the first Rejuvenation Pill,”

“You automatically lose the opportunity to participate in the other Rejuvenation Pill auctions that follow,”

“While the other lots are not subject to this restriction;”

“Therefore, if one of you aims to get a whole Rejuvenation Pill,”

“Then please do not participate in the first four Rejuvenation Pill auctions,”

“Otherwise once you succeed in the auction, you will lose the qualification to bid for a whole Rejuvenation Pill at the end.”

“In addition, in view of the fact that everyone has already paid the deposit of 50 million RMB,”

“So tonight’s auction, in addition to the Rejuvenation Pill,”

“All the goods you bid on will be directly reserved and sealed for you,”

“And if the turnover is lower than the deposit, we will automatically deduct the amount of goods to return the remaining deposit back to you.”

“If the turnover is higher than the deposit, you need to add the remaining deposit at the end of the auction,”

“After the auction, the first time to make up the rest of the remaining amount of goods;”