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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 402 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 402 Start

Brilliant Feng Shui does have a certain degree of exquisiteness, but in Charlie’s view, there is nothing very profound and unique.

Ordinary people may think that Feng Shui here is very good, but in his opinion, the Feng Shui here is like a glass of boiled water. It has no advantages, no harm, dull and unremarkable.

But now that Warnia had promised, Charlie didn’t mind making a move, raising the entire glorious Feng Shui to the next level.

He thought to himself that combining the Feng Shui mystery in the Nine Profound Heaven Scriptures, he soon had a whole set of ideas.

At this moment, a woman’s voice suddenly came from behind him.

“Charlie, why are you Rubbish here?”

Hearing this, Charlie frowned and turned around, and saw Wendy and a man in a white suit walking over.

The man is no one else but the eldest son of the Wei family, Barena Wei.

Barena Wei has loved Wendy since he got her from Fredmen.

He even promised Wendy that she would be a master.

Wendy was unwilling to be sent around like a plaything at first, but seeing that Barena Wei was really sincere to her, she was willing to be his lover.

From Wendy’s point of view, although the Wei family’s strength is not as good as Fredmen’s Future Company Group, it is at least one billion in assets. Compared with the previous Willson family, that is too much.

Therefore, after she approached Barena Wei, she regained her former pride.

Today the brilliant club opened, Barena Wei specially spent 5 million to buy a senior member qualification, and then brought Wendy over to experience it, and meet the world by the way.

After Wendy entered the glorious clubhouse, she was shocked by the luxury here, and suddenly she had the feeling of high society.

But when she was immersed in this feeling, she suddenly saw Charlie who made her hate him.

It’s like when eating the Manchu Feast, suddenly saw a fly.


It’s really disappointing!

She was so disappointed that she just wanted to quickly find a way to get rid of this fly!

Otherwise, the experience of this full-fledged man will instantly fall into the valley!

Of course, it is best to swat this fly to death.

When Barena Wei saw Wendy firing a cannon at a very ordinary guy, he hugged her waist tightly, and asked curiously: “Wendy, this is the smelly live-in son-in-law Charlie you said?”

“It’s him!” Wendy gritted her teeth and looked at Charlie, and said, “This grandson has been a notorious waste since he was in college. I didn’t expect that he would still come to the brilliant club!”

When Barena Wei was lingering with Wendy, he heard Wendy talk about some of the past of the Willson family, so he was very impressed with Charlie.

When he thought that he had just conquered Wendy, in order to make Wendy give up, he naturally wanted to give her a lot of help, so Barena Wei looked at Charlie and sneered: “Boy, is the glorious club a place where you can come?”

Charlie’s face became cold, and he asked, “Why can’t I come?”

“Why can’t you come?” Barena Wei grinned and said, “Because you are not worthy!”