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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4018 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4018 Start

Charlie smiled and said comfortingly, “In fact, you don’t have to be nervous at all,”

“This group of people who came here tonight can even sell their dignity for the Rejuvenation Pill,”

“So no matter if you perform well or badly, no one will dare to look at you and make a joke out of it.”

Warnia nodded gently and said shyly: “In fact …… in fact,”

“I am mainly afraid that I will not play well and let you down, Master Wade ……”

Charlie laughed: “No, today is our seller’s market, as long as the Rejuvenation pills are out,”

“Even if we do a lousy job, next year there will be a crowd to participate,”

“So you just go with confidence, do not worry about playing well or bad!”

Warnia heard him say so, the tension in her heart did ease a lot, nodded slightly, and said, “Okay Master Wade, I understand!”

Charlie gave a sound, remembered something, said:

“Right Warnia, this auction, I originally wanted to invite your grandfather to attend as a guest of honor,”

“But then thought, you just took over the Song Group, so on this occasion, I should let you,”

“The new head of the Song family to come out to show yourself properly,”

“If you invite the old man over, it seems to be a little noisy to take over the master.”

“So the idea was dismissed, so don’t blame me.”

Warnia had really thought about this issue.

She did not blame Charlie’s intention but only felt that, according to Charlie’s style.

In this kind of matter will often consider all aspects, and take care of even the minor details.

But this time, for some reason, he did not invite her grandfather to participate.

Nor did he invite several other entrepreneurs in the city with whom he had a relatively simmering relationship.

For example, Qin Gang and Solomon Wang, both of them, were not invited either.

However, once Charlie explained this, she immediately understood his good intentions.

Originally, this family head position, she got with his help,”

“With her young age, the time on the throne is also very short.

In terms of contacts, fame, and influence, naturally can not be compared to grandfather.

If Charlie invited her grandfather over as a VIP today, it would widen the prestige gap between her and her grandfather.

This instantly made her heart even more grateful to Charlie and couldn’t help but say,

“Master Wade, thank you for always thinking of me in every way……”

Charlie smiled lightly and said seriously: “I am not just thinking of you,”

“More or less there are still some other personal feelings.”

Saying that, Charlie continued, “For me, in addition to having this layer of your consideration,”

“I am also worried that inviting too many acquaintances will reveal my coordinates.”

“Especially people like Qin Gang, Solomon, Orvel, and Elder Song himself,”

“If I invited them all to the VIP table one by one,”

“Then someone with a heart would only need to investigate the social connections of these people and would be able to locate me immediately.”

“So, I didn’t invite my local friends this time, not only for your sake but also to better hide myself.”

Tonight’s VIPs were just four people in total.

Apart from Stella, who used a fake identity, it was Elder Wade, Qinghua, and the Old Queen of Northern Europe.

As for Elder Wade, Charlie felt that it was fine, after all, he was only substantially sitting on the position of the Wade family head.

But the Wade family head in the eyes of the outside world was still Elder Wade.

And this auction is the Song family and the Wade family co-organized.

The Song family head as auctioneer, the Wade family head as a VIP to attend it, it seems all reasonable.

Moreover, Charlie felt that it would be a good opportunity to increase the influence of the Wade family by having the family head show his face more now.

As for Qinghua and the old queen of Northern Europe, they were usually far away about ten thousand miles.

And their interactions with themselves were originally very few.

So it would be difficult for others to find themselves even if they cut through the two of them.