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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4014 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4014 Start

But as soon as Karl arrived, he immediately realized the main source of this oppressive feeling.

Because he found a hidden situation that shocked him: all the security personnel here, without exception, are all martial arts experts!

There are forty to fifty martial arts experts here, moreover.

The worst among them is a three-star martial artist, the highest, there are even multiple five-star martial artists!

Although Karl himself is already a seven-star martial artist.

However, he knows very well that martial artists who exceed three stars are actually very rare.

Thousands of his own division’s disciples, not even ten of them could really reach three-star martial artist status.

And those who can really reach the five-star martial artist, counting himself,

Counting the master and the missing Tony, a total of only a few people.

But here are just some security personnel, whose overall strength,

Already exceeds that of his own division, which indeed makes Karl shocked.

When Douglas saw that his figure was a bit sluggish, and turned his face to see that his expression was also a bit dull.

He lowered his voice and asked, “Master Yuan, what’s wrong with you?”

Karl came back to his senses and said in the same low voice:

“Elder Fei, the security personnel here, without exception, are all martial arts masters ……”

“What?” Douglas exclaimed, “The security personnel here are at least dozens of people, all martial arts masters?!”

“Yes!” Karl nodded and said with certainty, “And the worst strength is also a three-star martial artist!”

Douglas was dumbfounded and couldn’t help but murmur,

“How can there be so many martial arts masters in a small Aurous Hill ……”

“Didn’t they say that there weren’t many martial arts masters in the country long ago?!”

Karl said in a low voice: “I don’t know …… In that case,”

“It seems that the boss behind this auction must be a person with a lot of hands and eyes!”

At this time, an angry shout came: “035! What are you muttering with the people around you?”

“This time, you are verbally warned, and then cross your ears once more to record a big fault!”

Douglas knew that 035 was his code name, and when he heard this.

He shivered in fear and hastily shut his mouth with good sense.

Although he was very rich, but he did not dare to be marked down once at such a time. The reason is

Because once the big record is put in his name, well later in the auction in case the Rejuvenation pills is his,

Hee will have to pay an additional 20% penalty.

Maybe this one will go out and spend extra billions, tens of billions, and still in dollars!

Originally, there were still some people in the crowd whispering.

But after such a roar, everyone else was silent and did not dare to make any more noise.

According to the arrangement of the process, the two hundred tycoons participating in the auction and their entourage were the first to begin security checks.

The other ten alternates, on the other hand, were placed behind.

As for the previous three VIPs, they were arranged to go through the security check after everyone had entered.

Therefore, at the moment, Zhongquan, Qinghua, and the Old Nordic Queen were all waiting for further notice in their respective rooms in the administration building.

Charlie especially went to see his grandfather Zhongquan.

The old man who was a bit exuberant at this time and was very excited about the upcoming auction.

On the one hand, he also wanted to see if he had a chance to compete for the Rejuvenation Pill.

On the other hand, he knew that all these people who came today were rich or noble, and he was able to attend as a VIP this time.

And this aspect of his face was already dead in his hands.

Zhongquan, who was in a good mood, was even happier when he saw Charlie at the door, and hurriedly let Charlie into the room and said smilingly,

“Charlie, you are so busy, how can you still have time to come and see me.”

Charlie smiled faintly and said, “Grandpa, I have something to greet you in advance for.”

Zhongquan said with a smile,

“Charlie, you are now the head of the Wade family, everyone in the Wade family looks up to you,”

“So if there is anything you want to do, just say so, just make a phone call and give an order.”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “How can I do that, after all, you are the elder.”

“The first thing I want to say to you is that you should not participate in the auction of the pill,”

“After you arrive at the auction today, after all, it is earning money from outsiders,”

“For my own people, there is no need to pour a hand inside. “

The moment Zhongquan heard these words, he was immediately excited.

Earlier, he had wanted to use the position of the Wade family head to exchange for the Rejuvenation Pill with Charlie.

But unexpectedly, during the battle at Waderest, Charlie directly gave him a cup of wine and took away the position of the family head in just a few words.

So much so that he was too embarrassed to ask Charlie for the Rejuvenation Pill.

He originally thought that Charlie would definitely not give him the Rejuvenation Pill for nothing.

But in the blink of an eye, he had given him a big surprise!

Although it was only half a pill, to Zhongquan, it was already very satisfying!