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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4013 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4013 Start

But looked at Karl sitting across from him and said with a smile,

“Master Yuan, you and I have waited for two days like a prisoner, finally we have waited for this moment!”

The opposite Karl, who had also changed into the unified clothing without code, looked at Douglas, nodded and smiled, and said blandly,

“Elder Fei, I wish you in advance to get what you want tonight!”

Douglas smiled confidently at his words and said with an arch of his hand,

“I’ll take Mr. Yuan’s good advice tonight!”

After saying that, he stood up holding the sofa, Karl on the side hurriedly went forward to assist, the two left the hotel room together.

Out of the room, the surrounding rooms are also out of people one after another.

These people are a mix of eastern and western faces, plus everyone is wearing the same clothes.

It is really difficult to identify the appearance.

Douglas expected to meet a few familiar faces, but to his surprise, almost all of them were unfamiliar faces on his floor.

One by one, the people came to the elevator hall.

Only to see two security guards standing at the entrance of the elevator hall.

These two people directly expressionlessly said,

“The elevator is out of service, everyone please take the stairs.”

There are eight passenger elevators in the hotel, but the crowd was required to take the stairs to go down, which made everyone a little dissatisfied.

Some of them wanted to protest, but when they opened their mouths, they were rebuked by the security guards:

“Please be disciplined! Those who protest will be recorded once.

We will remember your numbers, being recorded once,”

“If any item is successfully auctioned at the auction,”

“An additional 20% penalty will be charged on top of the sale price,”

“Being recorded twice, he will be directly deprived of the right to participate in this auction.”

As soon as the crowd heard this, they had the sense to shut their mouths.

Although these people are usually high and mighty top tycoons.

With extraordinary status and power in the world.

But coming here, they are no different from prisoners.

In other words, Charlie had gathered them here so that they could learn how to be grandchildren.

Here, they are the most humble, even a security guard can call on them.

Although there are eight elevators here, they are just not given to them to use.

This is because this will allow them all to keep a path, neatly and uniformly on foot to the banquet hall.

So that these rich people can experience the feeling of being released from jail.

And at this moment the entrance to the banquet hall has been like the airport security, set up four security channels.

Each security channel is equipped with metal detection doors, as well as a number of security personnel.

There is a special security channel, but also with a number of doctors and multiple medical monitoring equipment.

In addition, there are a number of security personnel wearing camouflage uniforms.

Each tall and broad, hands behind their backs, meticulously standing on both sides of the security check entrance, full of prestige.

When these tycoons saw this situation, they all felt an extremely strong sense of oppression.

Only, they could not figure out where the source of this oppressive feeling was.

Not knowing whether it originated from these clean security instruments.

Or these security personnel with majestic faces, or the overall atmosphere brought them a combination of these senses.