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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4012 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4012 Start

Two days later in Aurous Hill, everything was no different from usual.

Due to Charlie’s strong arrangement, the arrival of those more than two hundred top tycoons did not make the ordinary citizens of Aurous Hill feel any change in the city.

Except for the fact that the airports in several surrounding cities were all full of parking spaces.

If not for Charlie’s strong demand that this group of people must comply with all regulations.

Then the group of people will make the traffic in Aurous Hill miserable just by bringing their own motorcades and bodyguards.

Today, the Rejuvenation Pill auction was about to officially begin.

These top tycoons who came to attend the auction were all a little impatient.

They had spent two days under house arrest at Shangri-La and had pressed their stomachs to wait for the auction to officially kick-off.

At 12:00 noon, the staff began to send written notices to all participants.

The notice informed them that the hotel staff would deliver meals to all participants’ rooms at 6 p.m.

All participants must finish their meals within half an hour, and then change into the uniform provided by the hotel.

Then together with their escorts, go to the entrance of the hotel ballroom in an orderly manner, and line up for security check.

In addition, all participants are not allowed to carry any communication devices.

Video recording devices, or any non-essential metal products.

If they have dental implants, heart stents, cochlear implants, or artificial pacemakers.

Then they must clearly inform the security personnel and will be arranged to go through a special security channel.

Any attendees who bring in contraband will be immediately confiscated and expelled from Shangri-La upon discovery.

In addition to being banned for life from participating in subsequent auctions of the Elixir.

Such stringent security checks have far exceeded the requirements of civil aviation security.

However, none of these tycoons dared to challenge the organizer’s pressure.

Because they know very well in their hearts, such things as the Rejuvenation Pill.

Which must be taken on the spot when it is auctioned.

This article alone completely eliminates the possibility of the Rejuvenation Pill circulating outside the venue.

Therefore, even if one is rich, one must attend the auction on the spot if one wants to get the Pill.

Once he was banned from the auction, it was a sign that he would have no connection with the Rejuvenation Pill in his life.

Therefore, every rich person, male or female, left all his or her cell phones and jewelry in the room before preparing to leave the room.

Some women who attended the auction even took off the silver pins that kept their ears pierced.

Fearing that they might get themselves into trouble when they passed through the metal detection door.

Douglas is also the same, both hands empty nothing with him.

Only he still has a pacemaker in his body, so when he gets to the entrance of the banquet hall, he has to go through a special security channel.

And it is said that there will be an ultrasound doctor on-site to check the condition of the pacemaker.

And after making sure there are no other problems, he can be released without any delays.

The time came to 6:30.

The hotel sounded a radio alert: “All participants of the auction are requested to wear uniform clothing,”

“Leave the room in an orderly manner, and proceed to the banquet hall,”

“and should avoid stopping, laughing, and making noise,”

“And avoid mingling in the middle of the meeting.”

When Douglas in the room heard the announcement, he no longer had the same indignation and hostility as before.