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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4011 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4011 Start

Stella also reported the good news to Douglas, who was still at Shangri-La, via video chat.

Douglas, who was furious because of the rules and regulations of the hotel.

Has suddenly enlightened after learning this news and said excitedly,

“Great Stella! It seems that your efforts in Aurous Hill during this period have not been in vain!”

“That Master Wade must be the mastermind behind the entire auction!”

Stella nodded, looked at Douglas in the video, smiled, and said comfortingly,

“Grandpa, you will have to put up with it for a while in these two days,”

“As soon as the auction is over, no matter what the result is,”

“I will immediately bring you to this hotel where I am staying,”

“I have already prepared a room for you.”

“Good!” Douglas said gratefully, “You are still the most careful and secure!”

Stella added: “Grandpa, on the day of the auction,”

“I will come over to the VIP box, so I won’t meet with you then.

“Okay!” Douglas said smilingly, “I hope I can win!”

Stella said without thinking, “Grandpa, don’t worry, you will!”

Douglas, who was at Shangri-La, hung up the phone with a smile of relief on his face and said to Karl,

“Master Yuan, this girl is really a great talent!”

“So many people are trying to find the master behind the Rejuvenation Pill,”

“But she is the only one who succeeded, I am really impressed.”

Karl nodded and said, “Miss Stella is gifted and has extraordinary vigor,”

“She will become a great talent in the future!”

Douglas nodded slightly, then said with some emotion, “If Stella were a boy,”

“It would definitely be a great fortune for the Fei family, but unfortunately …… unfortunately!”

Karl wanted to say something, but hesitated for a moment or gave up.

Although he also felt that Stella is now the most promising descendant of the Fei family,”

“But such words, he felt it was not appropriate to say in front of Douglas.

After all, he knew that he was only Douglas’s personal bodyguard.

All his duties were only to protect him and ensure his safety.

And it was not suitable for him to comment much on the Fei family’s affairs.

Besides, the interior of the Fei family seems to be calm, but in fact, there are already dark currents.

And Karl will have to return to his division soon, so he does not want to wade through this muddy water.

When Douglas saw that Karl wanted to say something but stopped.

He understood Karl’s attitude and felt a little disappointed in his heart for a while.

He hoped that Karl could become his beloved, though loyal to him.

But always unwilling to be too friendly with him.

Which also makes his heart inevitably surge with a sense of loneliness.

But he does not blame Karl.

Because Karl himself is such a person, the boundary sense in his consciousness has been very clear.

Only such a person can always remain absolutely calm.

And only such a person, to the maximum extent possible, can help the superior avoid making mistakes.

So, he sighed and said softly: “I want to live more years, on the one hand, I am afraid of death,”

“On the other hand, I also hope to accompany Stella for a few more years,”

“If I can help her on the horse, it is the best, if not, at least let her feather have a little more,”

“Because if I leave, she will definitely become the target of the Fei family,”

“If not able to drive her out of the Fei family, many people will not be able to sleep and eat.”

Karl said indifferently, “Elder Fei need not be so sentimental if this trip to Aurous Hill can be fulfilled,”

“Your life expectancy will continue for at least another ten years.”

“Yes.” Douglas nodded and said, “If I could be given another ten years,”


“any things would have been settled.”