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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4009 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4009 Start

Stella originally thought that Charlie would never take the initiative to reveal his identity in front of her.

Much less take the initiative to mention any information related to the Rejuvenation Pill.

She even thought that if her grandfather has no luck from this auction.

She would definitely have to take the initiative to beg Charlie with a thick skin, and then she would have to go out of her way to talk things out.

However, she never dreamed that Charlie would take the initiative to invite her, to attend the auction of the Rejuvenation Pill!

Moreover, it was a VIP pass!

This moment, then hit her by surprise ……

At this moment, she felt that all her planning and rhythm had been instantly disrupted by Charlie’s sudden invitation.

She didn’t even know what exactly Charlie’s purpose was in doing so.

Is it true that he simply wanted to invite her to this auction, or did he detect her motives long ago?

So he deliberately took advantage of the situation.

So, she didn’t know how to react for a while.

Just when she was at a loss for words, Charlie asked a follow-up question:

“Miss Zhan, are you not interested in this kind of auction?”

“In fact, you don’t have to worry too much, I’m not a trustee who helps auctions pull in customers,”

“I just think this auction might be more interesting, so I want to invite you,”

“As a guest who came from afar, to come over and enjoy it, and also kill some boring time.”

Saying that, Charlie gave a laugh and said,

“After all, I am married, if I am inviting you to watch a movie,”

“It is more or less inappropriate, but it does not matter if Miss Zhan is not interested, do not have any psychological burden.”

Charlie’s words eased Stella’s nervousness and she hurriedly said, “No, no, I’m still quite interested in this kind of occasion.”

Saying that, in order not to show that she knew something about this auction.

She even pretended to be curious and asked, “Mr. Wade, may I ask what this auction you are talking about is about?”

Charlie knew that Stella was acting, so he casually laughed and said,

“Most of them are some antique paintings and calligraphy,”

“Other than that, there is a very magical effect medicine, I wonder if Miss Zhan is willing to appreciate the face?”

Stella’s heart is very contradictory because her grandfather has taken Karl to live in Shangri-La.

So, when it is about her joining the auction, she is not a psychological burden.

However, now that a VIP seat was suddenly available, she naturally wanted to go in and see what it was like.

However, she was worried that if she went, she would be bumped into by some acquaintances.

Other than that, Elder Lai recognizes her, so if she meets him in front of Charlie, she wouldn’t know how to round up.

Thinking of this, she realized that she still had to take the big picture into account.

Must not expose her true identity in front of Charlie before the auction started.

So she said to him: “Mr. Wade, I’m quite interested in the auction,”

“But I’m still more or less uncomfortable with the occasion of throwing my head in the air ……”