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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4008 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4008 Start

Charlie could not help but frown and asked, “Mr. Lai, I wonder if you have any more detailed clues?”

“For example, which aspect of the menace you just said, exactly? Is it that you need to keep an eye out for accidents,”

“Or do you need me to keep an eye out for assassinations by miscreants?”

Qinghua smiled to himself and said, “The trigrams can only tell the good and bad, can not see more detailed content,”

“His trigrams have good and bad, exactly what kind of the result is, I can not say.”

Then, Qinghua said: “But he will not stay in Aurous Hill for too long, after participating in the auction,”

“Whether success or failure, I’m afraid to return to the United States immediately, so only a few days I need to face the young master Wade some trouble.”

Charlie nodded and said, “Since there is a bad omen in the trigram, I guess he might not be able to win the auction of the Rejuvenation Pill.”

Qinghua heard this, slightly frozen, and then dumbly lost his smile and said, “You are right, this kind of miracle medicine, if anyone can get it,”

“The trigram is bound to be a great auspicious illumination, it seems that Douglas this time is not destined with Rejuvenation Pill ……”

Speaking here, Qinghua said with some sighs, “He is old, probably the oldest one in the two hundred people who participated in the Rejuvenation Pill auction this time,”

“If he can’t get the Rejuvenation Pill this time, I’m afraid there won’t be much time in the future.”

Hearing this, Charlie had a little more admiration for Stella.

This woman did have a way, at least she herself had already made a decision under her favor offensive.

If her grandfather could not auction the Rejuvenation Pill, he would send him half a Blood Dispersing Heart Saving Pill.

So that he could live for two more years.

Combined with Qinghua’s words, it is basically certain that this Douglas even if this time in Aurous Hill, the body suddenly had an accident.

With half of the blood rescue pills, I am afraid that there is only a shock.

At the same time Charlie felt in his heart that if he didn’t return the favor and kept owing Stella, he would be very twisted.

This is the brilliant thing about Stella.

At this time, he suddenly felt that, since this is the case, then he should not prevent himself from playing a hand with Stella, also considered a tooth for a tooth.

So, with a faint smile at the corner of his mouth, he said to Qinghua, “Don’t worry, Mr. Lai, I will pay more attention.”

Qinghua rushed at Charlie and arched his hand, respectfully saying, “I thank Young Master Wade.”


After chatting with Qinghua a few times and drinking a few cups of tea, Charlie said goodbye and left.

After leaving Qinghua’s room, he directly took out his cell phone and called Stella.

Stella was taking a bath in the bathtub of the presidential suite when she suddenly received a call from Charlie.

She was stunned, then she sat up and adjusted her breathing before she picked up the phone and said with a smile,

“Mr. Wade, why do you want to call me at this time?”

Charlie smiled and asked her, “Is Miss Zhan busy?”

Stella smiled and said, “No, what are Mr. Wade’s instructions?”

Charlie then said, “Here’s the thing, I know Miss Zhan must have helped a lot behind the scenes about Claire going to the master class in the United States

And I owe you such a big favor, so I am indeed a bit ashamed.”

Stella’s face was overjoyed, but her tone was very calm and she said,

“Mr. Wade, you must not be so polite, we are all friends, this little thing is nothing to worry about.”

Charlie smiled and said, “Miss Zhan, it just so happens that there is a very private auction at Shangri-La the day after tomorrow,”

“I happen to have a VIP invitation in my hand, if you are interested, you can come and take a look at it then.”

When Stella heard this, her whole body was stunned speechless.