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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4006 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4006 Start

“No way.” Qinghua seriously said,

“People of your grandfather’s status have extremely high requirements for the authenticity of the information,”

“Even compared to the police, it is more than ever, think about it,”

“If there is not enough evidence to prove that a person is really dead,”

“The police will only define him as missing, I believe your grandfather must be the same.”

Charlie nodded expressionlessly and said, “Then let them continue to think that I am missing.”

Qinghua hesitated for a moment before he looked at Charlie and said seriously,

“Young Master Wade, there is something I don’t know if I should say.”

Charlie said, “Elder Mr. Lai, you don’t have to be so polite, there is no harm in saying anything.”

Qinghua said, “Although you have broken out of the trap of the dragon trapped in the shallows,”

“But to get back the original dragon frame belongs to you is not the end!”

“The Southern Dynasty’s “Chronicle of the Difference” has recorded that the water viper (huī) five hundred years into jiao,”

“Jiao a thousand years turns into a dragon, dragon another five hundred years transforms into the horned dragon,”

“A thousand years into Ying Long, which means that the dragon frame is not really the highest fate, above this, there are two-horned dragon and Ying Long.”

Charlie’s mind instantly floated to the content of the “Nine Profound Heavenly Scriptures”.

Which did have a record of viper, Jiao, dragon, as well as the horned dragon, Ying Long.

The horned dragon, Ying Long, in fact, is the higher level of the dragon.

At this moment Qinghua continued, “If you want to stand on top of the world, the last few steps are especially important.”

“And the An family is the best choice to reach the top of those last steps!”

“So, you may want to meet with your grandfather earlier, and maybe it will open up a new situation.”

“The An family?” Charlie couldn’t help but frown, and then laughed to himself,

“Better forget it, if I want to reach the top, I should be able to do so by myself.”

For Charlie, he had never first, in the future, had to rely on his grandfather’s family’s help.

In his opinion, he accepted the Wade family, on the one hand, the Wade family really owes a lot to his family of three.

On the other hand, the Wade family is really the life’s work of his father,

Not to mention his surname Wade, which makes him the descendants of the Wade family.

He has to take the power of the Wade family into his own hands, in terms of love and reason, in terms of grace and grievance.

However, on Grandpa’s side, Charlie does not have such thoughts.

After all, he felt that grandfather did not owe anything to his parents.

And people surnamed An, his own surname Wade, how to say they are outsiders,

And how can go to grandfather’s family as a step up.

What’s more, the An family is one of the world’s top three families and the internal composition must be very complex.

His own families, they may not be able to understand, and what to take advantage of the An family.

However, Qinghua said very seriously: “Young master Wade, is the 72 changes of the Monkey King,”

“But also must rely on the precious band to become the Great Sage of Heaven,”

“There are ten thousand blades in the world, but the golden hoop stick only that is one!”

Charlie then said seriously, “Maybe I am not a Sage of Heaven in the first place,”
“So this golden hoop stick may not be of much use to me.”

Qinghua shook his head and said, “Young Master Wade, many things have actually been predestined long ago,”

“The sooner you know the direction, the sooner you can achieve your goal.”

Charlie smiled faintly and said, “Elder Mr. Lai, although I also know some I Ching and Bagua,”

“But I do not believe that all this is destined, I want to achieve this goal, I can still achieve without the An family.”

Saying that Charlie added:

“This is like the Monkey King, I believe he can still become the Great Sage of Heaven even without the golden hoop stick.”

Qinghua shook his head with a smile and said lightly,

“Young Master Wade, the existence of destiny is all-encompassing,”

“In other words, not only is Monkey King destined to become the Great Sage of Heaven,”

He is likewise destined to pick up the golden hoop stick, and so are you.”

Saying that Qinghua gave a profound smile:

“Young Master Wade, the original story of the Journey to the West has recorded,”

“The Dragon King told Monkey King, a few days before he went to the Dragon Palace,”

“The golden hoop stick Stick began to ‘haze brightly, steaming greatly’,”

“Which means that it may not be Monkey King chose the Golden Hoop Stick,”

“It is likely that The golden hoop stick chose the Monkey King!”