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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4005 Free Novel

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In fact, deep inside, Charlie had been looking forward to meeting his grandfather at the auction of the Rejuvenation Pill.

However, he did not know why he had such a thought.

It was because he hadn’t actually thought about identifying with his grandfather’s family.

And talking about Charlie’s grandfather, Qinghua seemed to have suddenly come to life and said with a smile,

“I’m not going to hide from you, Young Master Wade,”

“I’m really looking forward to your grandfather coming to the Rejuvenation Pill auction.”

Charlie asked curiously, “What makes Elder Mr. Lai say that?”

Qinghua said with a smile, “Your grandfather has been in the United States for too long and has westernized too much,”

“Believing only in the so-called science in everything and treating all traditions as dregs.”

Charlie nodded and said, “That’s understandable, I’ve heard my mother talk about it,”

“Grandfather was definitely considered a top academic back then too, a Stanford graduate with high aptitude.”

Qinghua nodded and laughed:

“That’s right, he grew up with a purely Western education and a rebellious personality,”

“He would analyze everything with a dialectical perspective, deny everything beforehand, and then slowly seek proof,”

“So his life, it was like he was fighting against the whole world,”

“Although he was not a fan of traditional culture,”

“But one has to admit that he was indeed a very remarkable businessman.”

Speaking here, Qinghua said playfully: “But well ……”

“The older a person is, the less hostility and indignation in his bones,”

“Once he shakes hands with the world, his previous vision of the world will change,”

“Just as many physicists spend their lives trying to prove that in the world there is no God,”

“No Creator, there are only the unchanging laws of physics.”

“However, when they are old and see through everything,”

“They instead firmly believe that behind everything in the world, there must be a creator,”

“Only that he may not appear in the form of a man or a god,”

“This is because they see the various profound physical laws as well as the laws of the universe too thoroughly,”

“And the more thoroughly they see, the more they feel that the laws between the universe and everything are so clever that it can’t be just a coincidence.”

He looked at Charlie and said seriously, “If I remember correctly,”

“Your grandfather is also over eighty years old this year,”

“I believe he has also begun to reacquaint himself with the world,”

“Maybe he will also be like the other two hundred people who are fascinated by the Rejuvenation pill.”

Charlie smiled faintly and said,

“If he asks you about the Rejuvenation Pill one day, please don’t tell him about my situation.”

Qinghua was busy saying, “That’s natural!”

After saying that, he couldn’t help but ask,

“Young Master Wade, have you ever thought about meeting with your grandfather?”

Charlie shook his head, “For the time being, I don’t have that intention.”

Saying that, Charlie added: “Actually, I have had very little interactions with Grandpa’s family,”

“And as far as I remember, Grandpa and my mother’s relationship has always been somewhat strained,”

“So Grandpa image in my memory is rarely good, plus I haven’t seen them for so many years,”

“So I don’t have much emotional foundation with them.”

Qinghua expressed understanding nodded and sighed:

“With your grandfather’s character, your mother was bent on marrying your father back then,”

“Which must have made him very angry, but he should be over eighty years old this year,”

“I think he should have a new sense of many things, perhaps his biggest wish now maybe to see you.”

Charlie smiled to himself and said, “They probably thought I was dead a long time ago.”