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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 40 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 40 Start

I’m afraid that there is only one table for the top banquet in the Diamond Box, and the real guests will be coming. What should I do?

At this moment, Harold stood up and said, “What are you doing? I reserved this box. Why did you break in and make trouble?”

Brother Biao pointed at Harold and asked him, “Are you, Harold?”

Harold nodded and said proudly: “I am!”

Brother Biao said coldly: “Bring him to me!”

Upon hearing this, the two sturdy big men directly pulled Harold up and dragged him over.

“What are you doing? Let go of me!”

“Drafting, what are you talking nonsense!”

A sturdy man directly kicked his knee, and Harold knelt directly in front of Brother Biao.

Brother Biao’s cold eyes looked back and forth on Harold, making people chill like a blade.


The signature slip was thrown directly on Harold’s head.

Brother Biao scolded, “Who gave you the authority to use this box?”

Harold pretended to be calm and said: “There must be a misunderstanding, I ordered this golden box in advance, and I have paid the 300,000 deposit!”

Gerald also interjected: “What are you doing? This box is set by Harold. Do you have any rules?”

Brother Biao took a spit and slapped Harold and said, “Golden box? This is a d*mn diamond box for distinguished guests! You can also use this rubbish?!”

As soon as these words came out, everyone was stunned.

Diamond box?

No wonder this box is extremely luxurious, and the dishes and wines are among the top ones. It turns out that it is not a golden box at all!

Gerald broke into a cold sweat, and the diamond box was so honorable that he was not qualified to enter on his own with others, let alone use it.

Wendy quickly said: “Brother, you don’t know Mr. Orvel, please explain to them quickly.”

Harold screamed and hurriedly said, “Shut up, what nonsense, how can I know Orvel in my capacity.”

Wendy said, “But didn’t you just say”

Elsa saw the performance of the two brothers with her eyes, but she didn’t even know what Harold said just now was bragging.

She was a little disappointed suddenly.

Brother Biao sneered at this time and said: “You f*cking dare to talk about the banner of Mr. Orvel, you guys are so filthy and crooked!”

As Biao said, he stood up and told the boys: “Hold down this kid’s hand! I will teach him a lesson.”

Harold was immediately held down, unable to move!

Next second!

Brother Biao held the stick and smashed it down without hesitation!

“Ah my hand, my hand is useless!”

Harold screamed frantically, sweating all over his body, and anger came from his crotch, and he passed out in a shameful manner.

Seeing this scene, Gerald and Wendy both turned pale and frightened.

Harold, who was still in full swing just now, was beaten back to his prototype in an instant. Who can’t be afraid?

Elsa was also scared enough, her whole body was shaking, hiding behind Charlie, and said in horror: “What can we do about this? Are they allowed to kill people?”

Charlie patted Elsa on the shoulder and comforted: “Don’t be afraid, no one will touch you if I am here.”

Elsa glanced at Charlie gratefully. Although she knew that Charlie could not solve such troubles, she still felt a little relieved by his words.

Here, Brother Biao kicked Harold, like pigs are beaten to death, and cursed: “What a fool!”

Brother Biao turned his head and looked at Gerald again.

“And you, just now you said I had no rules, right? Come on, you f*cking filth come here for me.