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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3997 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3997 Start

The store manager sighed and pointed to Vivian, whose face was covered in blood.

And asked the man, “He’s already like this, what’s the use of beating him to death?”

“Beat him to death, the group is not likely to give up on our punishment,”

“Our first foot out of the store, the next foot in jail!”

The crowd was speechless.

They really hated Vivian, but as the store manager said, even if they beat him to death now, what would be the point?

Thinking of this, the crowd was like a deflated ball, each one hanging their heads and faces full of pain.

The store manager sighed and said, “All right, let’s go home from work first,”

“And I’ll notify everyone to come and do the formalities when the people sent by the group arrive tomorrow.”

Several female sales left in tears.

A few male sales although some hard to be satisfied, but one after another have also left.

Vivian sat on the ground with a bloodied face, his mind still thinking about his commission and his Porsche 718.

A thought suddenly flashed through his mind,

And he immediately took out his cell phone and called his friend who worked at the car dealership.

Once the call went through, he hurriedly asked the other party,

“Erick, I don’t want that car anymore, can you return the 100,000 yuan to me?”

The other party heard this, suddenly said off the record:

“Are you out of your mind? The car you reserved is in the storage room sealed,”

“Just waiting for you to pick up the car next month,”

“You tell me at this time you do not want, are you kidding with me?”

“No ……” Vivian said in a hurry:

“Erick, it’s a long story, I mainly have a situation with next month’s commission,”

“If not, I won’t get the money, if I can’t get the money, how can I get the car? Ah?”

“Sh!t!” The other party cursed and said, “Didn’t you just swear that there would be no problem?”

Vivian helplessly said: “I also did not expect this ah ……”

“Now the money 80% is not in hand, so please help, help me to return this car!

The other party smacked his lips: “Boy, I can’t help you in this matter anymore……”

The other side said:

“Your money is paid to our car dealership account, and you have just signed a video,”

“I forwarded your video to our boss, our boss combined with your transfer records.”

“Before I agreed to give you this car left,”

“If you want to return the car now, even if it is a breach of contract.”

“According to the contract content, the 100,000 yuan doesn’t belong to you.”

When Vivian heard this, he was so anxious that he cried.

He choked with tears and said: “Erick, you must help me ……”

“Not only the 300,000 commission is gone, but even the job is also lost,”

“The future is so uncertain! And my only savings all gave you as a deposit,”

“If this money is not returned to me, I will be penniless……”

The other party said with difficulty:

“I can understand what you said, but I really can not help you……”

“Before you bought it, I repeatedly asked, if you were sure about the money coming to hand,”

“I was afraid that you have such a situation, but now it is like this,”

“Not even an hour later you have to default ……”

Vivian wailed: “Erick, please help me beg your boss,”

“Tell him I am so poor, that 100,000 yuan refund to me……”

“I also did not delay him too long, as you said before and after not even an hour.”

The other side smiled and said, “Vivian, I’ll be honest with you,”

“Our boss likes to earn the most is this money,”

“Whenever there is a customer like you after the deposit, he would like to burn incense and worship Buddha,”

“Praying that something happened to your family, and then only could default,”

“So he can pick up a breach of contract for nothing.”

Here, the other party lowered his voice and said carefully:

“He is a master of eating people without spitting bones,”

“The pit is that you can not get any money, but also want to swell the face of the fat people, he will never do that.”

Vivian’s whole mind is like falling into the ice cellar, crumbling asked:

“Then what should I do …… you teach me ah …… I am now really desperate ……”

The other party hesitated for a moment and said,

“Vivian, why don’t you find a way to get some money together and try to take the car away before the end of the month,”

“The 718 is a very sought-after car on the market, so the value retention rate is still very high,”

“You take the car away first, and then sell it, at most a loss of ten or twenty thousand.”

“Really?!” Vivian heard this, desperate eyes, a trace of expectation flashed, and asked:

“Just a loss of ten or twenty thousand and can sell it?”