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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3996 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3996 Start

When Vivian saw all his colleagues crying as if they had lost a million dollars.

Especially the store manager, the red eyes are just dropping tears.

So he hurriedly went forward and asked, “Store manager, what’s wrong with you? What happened?”

The store manager looked at him and angrily went forward and kicked him to the ground, cursing furiously,

“Vivian! You fcuk!ng son of a b!tch! I’ve been hurt by you this time!”

Other colleagues saw him back, one by one also immediately became angry,

Several male colleagues rushed up like crazy on him with a burst of punches and kicks.

They shouted, “Da*n it, Vivian! You fcuk!ng screwed the whole store! I’ll beat you to death!”

“Sh!t, I’m going to knock all of this punk’s dog teeth out! Beat the sh!t out of him!”

A few female colleagues were also not willing to show their weakness, and they wanted to scratch him twice on the face.

One of them shouted hysterically, “Vivian, you’ve ruined my career! I’ll fight with you!”

Vivian was confused by a series of punches and kicks, covering his head and rolling on the ground while shouting:

“Oh my God, help! Why are you hitting me?”

“What did I do to you or did I piss you off?”

The store manager got down, pulled him by the collar, and smashed him in the face.

Causing his nose to bleed from both nostrils, cursing,

“How dare you ask! French headquarters just sent an email!”

“Just because you fcuk!ng recklessly raise the allotment,”

“The headquarters in the whole group informed our stores for our lack of professional ethics,”

“Touching the group’s red line, fired us on the spot!”

“And even the store is required to close immediately, ready to wait for the group to send someone to inventory goods,”

“Reconciliation of accounts after the official withdrawal of the store!”

“Half of the world’s luxury brands are in the hands of the group,”

“And now we have been informed by the whole group that no luxury store will hire us again!”

“All of us have been killed by you!”

Vivian was completely dumbfounded and said, “Store manager,”

“I was wronged! I didn’t ask him to match so much for today’s order, he wanted to match so much himself. ……”

The store manager punched him hard in the face again and cursed,

“You’re still fcuk!ng tough!”

“You’re the one who’s fcuk!ng money-minded! That bag has never exceeded 300,000 in our store!”

“If you really have some fcuk!ng sense,”

“Why don’t you make it clear to the customer and tell him that he only needs to match 300,000?

“I ……” Vivian momentarily froze, a moment before stammering: “I …… I thought it was just right to make more money ……”

“And this was his own will, I would not say anything to go against the money right……”

He remembered the Porsche and asked nervously,

“By the way, manager …… group fired us, how about my commission this month?”

“Is the separation procedures directly to me, or wait until next month and this month’s salary together?”

The store manager never dreamed that Vivian would say such a sentence out of his mouth.

This immediately made him furious, gritting his teeth and cursing:

“You’re really fcuk!ng into money!”

“We were fired! We are fired without a penny of compensation!”

“And the group said, we caused the brand extremely serious damage,”

“To the group caused immeasurable huge losses, so they reserve the right to sue us!”

“We might even have to pay the group back!”

Vivian was struck by lightning, and his eyes went black and he almost passed out.

Thanks to a female colleague who came up and splashed a glass of ice water directly on his face, he woke up again at once.

In this instant, he cried out: “How could this happen?”

“If the commission is not issued to me, how can I get the car next month……”

“I just put a deposit of 100,000 yuan, if I can not get the car next month, my 100,000 yuan will be wasted!”

“I have been saving for so long to save this 100,000 yuan, this is all my hard-earned money!

“At this time, still thinking about the car ……”

The store manager was angry with him, no longer have the motivation to continue to beat him.

A hand threw him back to the ground, coldly said: “Vivian, you are really hopeless!”

“Tomorrow the group will send someone over to us for dismissal procedures,”

“From now on, the store will no longer be open, you go back to think about what to do in the future!”

A male colleague said indignantly, “Store manager, how can you let this son of a b!tch off so easily!”