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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 399 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 399 Start

Charlie asked curiously: “Are you looking for me?”

Warnia smiled slightly and said, “That’s right. Our Song family invested in a high-end club in Jinka District. We want to send you a supreme membership card. Now I’m downstairs in your house.”

Charlie said indifferently: “Come up directly, I’m at home.”

Warnia hurriedly said, “That’s great, I will come up right now.”

Charlie hung up with a hum.

A few minutes later, Warnia rang the doorbell.

Charlie opened the door, and his eyes lit up.

Today Warnia is wearing a long black evening dress, trimmed very close to the body, showing her thin willow-like waist perfectly. Under the skirt with short front and long back, there are a pair of white and flawless long legs. Like a beautiful jade.

Coupled with her glamorous and noble face, as well as the high-ranking temperament she has cultivated for a long time, the whole person is as beautiful as a night elf.

Her dress was so stunning, Charlie couldn’t help but look more.

“Mr. Wade.”

Warnia owed her body. When she came, she deliberately put on makeup and dressed up. Seeing Charlie’s amazing eyes, she couldn’t help feeling sweet.

Charlie nodded lightly: “Come in and sit down.”

Warnia gave a hum, and cautiously followed Charlie in.

After the two of them sat down, Warnia took out a VIP card made of pure platinum and offered them respectfully with both hands.

“Mr. Wade, this is the supreme VIP card of the Brilliant Club. Only one card has been made. Only you have it. It is a bit of my heart. Anytime you come to the Brilliant Club, you can use this card for free for life.”

The glorious club that just opened has been a hot topic in Aurous Hill’s upper class these days.

Because it is a club invested by the Song family, the overall investment is extremely high, and it has been built for several years before finally being completed. It can be regarded as the top high-end business club in Aurous Hill.

With the support of the Song family, Aurous Hill and almost all the big figures in the entire Nanguang province gathered here.

The more such big people gather together, the better the best choice for business talks, cooperation, and expansion of contacts. So before it opened, it was sought after by countless people, and everyone wanted to become a member of the brilliant club.

However, in order to ensure the high-end of the club, members here have very strict threshold restrictions.

Brilliant members are divided into four levels: ordinary member, senior member, vip member, and senior vip member. As for the supreme vip card sent by Warnia to Charlie, it is unique, so the outside world simply does not know it.

Among them, just the lowest ordinary member, the membership fee is one million, the premium member is five million, and the VIP member is tens of millions.

To become a senior VIP member, you must be a patriarch with a family asset of tens of billions, otherwise it is impossible.

Therefore, to the outside world, senior VIP is already a top member.

Charlie didn’t have much interest in this kind of thing, but it was not easy to refute Warnia’s face. After all, she made a special membership for him. If he refused, it would seem a little unreasonable.

So he took the supreme membership card, smiled and thanked her, then put it in his pocket.

At this time, Warnia looked at Charlie, hesitated for a moment, and said somewhat embarrassingly: “Mr. Wade, besides that, I have a gratuitous request. I wonder if Mr. Wade can do it.”