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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3982 Free Novel

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At this time Bernard was scared to death in his heart, could not help but secretly think:

“Master Wade this is to engage in what …… this broken thing into the price of not a dollar eight, he is selling it for 18 million …… this …… this is not to rip people off, this is to lynch them……”

Bernard expression is also like a dog, annoyed to shake hands and said:

“Okay, okay, I beg you not to insult my intelligence, you leave my room, in addition take away this garbage, I do not need it at all!”

“Don’t need?” Charlie’s expression suddenly cold, sneered and said,

“Then I’m really sorry Mr. Elnor, if you don’t buy these goods from us, then you are disqualified from participating in this auction.”

“What?!” Bernard angrily questioned, “I have already passed your registration audit, and I have already paid the registration fee,”

“In addition I have also paid this 6 million room fee, what qualification do you have to disqualify me from the auction?”

Charlie said with a matter-of-fact face, “Because you didn’t match the goods’ allotment!”

“Allotment?!” When Bernard heard this word, he was petrified, and only after a few moments did he come back to his senses and roared,

“It’s the first time I’ve heard of an auction with goods! It’s simply ridiculous!”

Charlie laughed: “If you go to your store to buy a bag and need to match the goods, don’t you need to come to us to buy the Rejuvenation Pill?”

Saying that, he took out his own consumption voucher and sneered: “Here, look, to buy a bag of more than 100,000 yuan in your store,”

“We have to compulsorily match a million goods, and the goods matched are all those junk that can’t be sold for several years and are covered with dust,”

“Our boss is also learning from now on, fully learning from Mr. Elnor’s business strategy.”

Bernard took a look at the shopping list, and his face changed to an ugly look.

Allocation of goods is the unspoken rule of the luxury industry, Bernard has long been familiar with this unspoken rule and even relied on this rule to earn a lot of money.

But he did not expect that today, it would be Charlie with the same set of counter-attacks.

Moreover, this shopping list shows the allocation of goods is really too dumb.

A bag, but with six times the selling price of goods, this is really heartless.

So, he said with an embarrassed face: “This …… this …… as far as I know …… normal allotment amount is just a little bit a few times higher than the public price,”

“More than 100,000 RMB bag, allotment 200,000 is enough, I’m not sure why here it is an allotment of million …… maybe it is the store’s own behavior ……”

Charlie waved his hand: “You do not need to explain so much, now our boss only gives you two choices:”

“You must complete the allotment if you want to participate in the auction of the Rejuvenation pills,”

“Otherwise, we will now arrange for you to check out, and all the fees you paid, we will refund you every penny!”

Bernard said in a hurry: “Only the luxury industry has the rule of allotment, and the luxury industry allotment is also helpless,”

“The price of many things is not speculated by our brand side, but by the speculators outside,”

“For example, the watch, Patek Philippe’s Nautilus, the public price ten years ago was less than 20,000 euros,”

“But now the circulation price on the market is more than 60,000 Euros, multiplied several times, and the brand’s production is also limited,”

“So it can only fill the gap between the nominal price and the actual selling price through the allocation of goods, this is a very normal situation!