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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3970 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3970 Start

Stella said, “Grandpa, I’m in a special situation, so I won’t meet with you for the next two days,”

“But I’ll continue to think of ways to continue to mediate with every one of the Rejuvenation Pill outside.”

Douglas asked, “How is it going now?”

Stella said truthfully, “I dare not say I have absolute certainty, but at least there has been a certain breakthrough,”

“The other party wants to invite me to dinner after the auction, if you fail to get the Rejuvenation Pill at the auction, I will take you to see him then.”

“Good.” Douglas sighed with relief and exclaimed, “Stella, you really worked hard this time! You’ve been running around for so long for this matter.”

Stella said, “Grandpa, I should have done this.”

Douglas sighed and said, “I hope this auction will go well so that when the auction is over, you can return to New York with me.”

Stella smiled and said, “Grandpa, I believe you will win the auction.”


Just when a large number of top tycoons kept moving into Shangri-La.

Charlie was dragged by Claire and arrived at the busiest shopping center in Aurous Hill.

Since she had received an invitation to the Rhode Island School of Design master class, she had always felt, in her heart, that she owed a huge favor to Kelly.

Today it happened that there were not many things going on in the company, so she dragged Charlie to the market with her.

Intending to pick a gift for Kelly.

Charlie asked Claire: “Honey, have you thought of something to give her?”

Claire nodded repeatedly and said, “I have already thought about it, I plan to give her a Hermes handbag,”

“I have seen her interview before, it is said that she personally likes Hermes very much and has a hobby of collecting Hermes bags,”

“Since this is the case, then I might as well throw my hat in the ring and give her one, it will also show my sincerity.”

Claire said: “No, husband, I have saved a lot of savings recently, let me do it myself, otherwise, I will not feel good about it.”

Charlie did not insist too much, and smiled: “Then you should do what you can later, do not buy too expensive gifts.”

Claire smiled sweetly and said, “I have already looked at the official website, there is a bag named Birkin series,”

“Nowadays the best sales, the price is not too expensive, if you do not choose very rare materials and workmanship, it is probably more than 100,000.”

Charlie nodded slightly and said, “A bag at this price is already good.”

Subsequently, the two arrived at the entrance of Hermes’ store, and at this time, outside the store, there was already a long line of several dozen people.

According to the staff outside the door, this is because there are too many customers in the store, and their store is a one-to-one sales service.

And now all the sales are taking customers, so the store will start to limit the flow.

The two people waited outside the door for half an hour in order to get in line to enter the store.

Half an hour later, the security guard outside the door said to Charlie and Claire who were at the front of the line,

“Please come inside, our guide will come to serve you right away.”

As he was saying that, a young man with a warm smile on his face walked towards the two of them with quick steps.

When they met, the man introduced himself:

“Good afternoon, my name is Vivian, I’m your guide, I don’t know what you want to see?”

Claire said without thinking: “Hello, I want to buy a 30cm Birkin bag, I wonder if it’s in stock?”

The guide said with a smile: “Haha, the lady really has an eye, our family’s Birkin series has always been a super best-seller,”

“The number of users who have registered reservations is very large, but the number of arrivals per issue is very small,”

“So if you want to get the bag as soon as possible, you may have to buy more things in our store,”

“Take the membership level up, and then the greater the chance of winning!”

Claire heard this, with a surprised face asked: “Can’t directly buy the bag according to the counter price?”

The guide put away his smile all of a sudden and said in a tone with a bit of sarcasm:

“Lady it should be your first time to Hermes shopping, right? In our store, there is no bag that is sold at the counter price,”

“More or less, you have to buy some other accessories, otherwise, it is impossible to sell to you.”

Claire then came back to her senses and asked, “Need to buy some other accessories? This is what the internet says about matching goods, right?”

The guide rightfully said, “Yes, now if you want to buy Hermes bags, this is the rule, no matter which country you are in.”

Claire asked tentatively, “Then I want to buy a Burkinabe 30, how much money do I need to match the goods?”

The guide said contemptuously, “The 30 cm Birkin bag has always been super popular,”

“You are not sure to get the bag even if you match the goods,”

“Of course, the more you match the goods, the higher the priority, the greater the probability of getting the bag,”

“Whether you can get the bag depends on whether your rank and priority can rush to the front.”

Charlie does not quite like the guide this hidden set, recalling the last time to buy Hermes for his wife as well as his father-in-law.

That guide said a straightforward allotment of 500,000 specific numbers, although Charlie is very upset about this way of allotment.

But compared to that, he still prefers a little more direct.

So, he opened his mouth and said to the shopper:

“Don’t beat around the bush, just tell me directly, buy a Burkinabé 30, how much do we need to match the goods?”