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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 397 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 397 Start

Wendy’s heart was somewhat unhappy.

She even hopes to continue to be Fredmen’s lover, and Fredmen can introduce her to more important people.

In this way, with the help of Fredmen’s aura, she can manage her contacts and gradually become a lady of Aurous Hill.

At that time, not only will benefit a lot, the Willson Group will also benefit, and she will also become the support of the Willson Group and the leader of the Willson Group.

But what she didn’t expect was that Fredmen only used herself as a tool. In order to ask for a medicine, she had to hand over herself to Barena Wei?

I want to be Fredmen’s lover and a celebrity in the upper class, but I don’t want to be a plaything of the upper class. Once the reputation of the plaything spreads, then I don’t want to climb up in my life.

So, she took Fredmen’s hand and said, “Fredmen, people love you so much, they want to be by your side and don’t want to leave you…”

Fredmen was very upset with Wendy at this time, because Wendy was the one with the least price-performance ratio among the women he had played with.

Therefore, he is now anxious to get rid of Wendy in exchange for the last benefit.

Sending her to Barena Wei naturally became the best choice today.

Now that he has no abilities in that area, he can only watch Wendy and can’t eat it, but if Wendy is sent out, if the Wei family can really cure his hidden illness, then he can continue to find other women.

So he said coldly to Wendy: “Stop with me. I ask you to accompany Brother Wei, so you can accompany him. Where is there so much nonsense?”

Wendy’s aggrieved tears flowed, crying, “Fredmen, didn’t you stay with me because you like me? If you really like me, how can you give me to someone else?”

Barena Wei on the side was a little uncomfortable, and said: “Oh, Fredmen, since Miss Wendy has a deep affection for you, then don’t make it difficult!”

Fredmen raised his hand and slapped Wendy, cursing: “You are just a plaything of Mr.. You have to do what Mr. Wei asks you to do, and you dare to disobey? Tell you, if you don’t accompany me well today Accompanying Brother Wei, I immediately withdrew from the Willson family and let the Willson family go bankrupt. You must also return the money I gave you. How can Fredmen help the Willson family? Back to the original shape, that is what you want!”

Upon hearing this, Wendy was stunned, and a sense of humiliation instantly surged into her heart.

But what’s the use of humiliation?

Can she refuse Fredmen because of humiliation?

Rejecting Fredmen is very simple. If she doesn’t agree, she can do it.

But what happens after rejection? After refusing, everything goes back to its original form, the Willson family was waiting for bankruptcy, and her own socialite dream would also be broken.

Therefore, Wendy could only force a smile and said: “I promise, I promise! I will definitely take care of Mr. Wei.”

Fredmen sneered and said, “You count as acquaintance!”

As he said, he pushed Wendy into Barena Wei’s arms and smiled: “Go with Mr. Wei tonight!”

Barena Wei hugged Wendy, feeling very excited, and said with a smile: “Wendy, let me open a room in the hotel. Let’s get to know each other tonight!”

Wendy quietly wiped away her tears, resentful in her heart.

Once upon a time, Wendy was also the daughter of the Willson family, and was also sought after by countless people. She also had a proud heart. Looking for a boyfriend would always be the rich second generation of a big family, and she would not even look at some of them.

However, she never expected that she would end up like this after she had exhausted all the functions.