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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3961 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3961 Start

When Elaine heard this, she immediately came to life, raised her eyebrows and said with a smile,

“Hey! You really don’t say, I have never been to the United States until now, this is a good opportunity to go out and see!”

Said Elaine happily clapped her hands and said, “Good, good! Let’s make a deal, I’ll go with you!”

Because of the leg injury, Elaine seldom went out this time, so it has long been a bit suffocating.

It just so happens that at this time Claire said something about going to the United States.

Elaine’s first thought after hearing it was that she must follow out to see the world.

Moreover, she knows that Charlie is now making easy money, and she doesn’t want to miss this good opportunity to go out with him, so maybe he can buy something for her.

Once Claire heard her mother say that she wanted to follow along, her heart was suddenly a little difficult.

She felt that it would be the best solution for just Charlie to accompany her, and if she takes her mother along, the situation would be really a bit awkward.

So she advised Elaine, “Mom, I think you’d better rest at home, the United States is a long way away,”

“It’s not easy to go there, besides, you don’t have any friends there, it’s easy to get bored.”

Elaine did not hesitate to say: “Will I be bored, but I have to wait until I go first, I’m bored to death at home this time, you can not let me stay at home alone.”

Claire immediately ran out of ideas, can only look at Charlie with a helpless face, does not know if he has any good way to make the mother dispel this idea.

Charlie wants Elaine to give up.

So, he said with reasoning, “Mom, Claire is going to the United States this time to attend master classes and school for further study,”

“So it will probably be very busy at that time, in case she can’t take care of you, won’t it be boring for you to stay there?”

“It’s okay.” Elaine said without thinking, “It doesn’t matter if you can’t take care of me,”

“If you can’t take care of me, I’ll go out by myself, I’ve never been to America anyway, I’m sure I’ll feel new everywhere.”

Speaking of which, Elaine’s whole face is already in a state of longing, excitedly said:

“When we were young, it was the hottest stage to go abroad, at that time the TV was broadcasting”

“‘Eastcliff people in New York’, young people dreamed of having the opportunity to go out to have a look,”

“I was dreaming of going to the United States, wanting to see the Statue of Liberty with my own eyes,”

“And then look at the Hollywood Walk of Fame but in so many years have not had the opportunity to go out,”

“This time, finally have the opportunity and it feels like dream come true!”

Charlie thought: “You have a dream come true, but what about me and Claire? If you really go along, then the two of us will not be destroyed by you?”

Thinking of this, he immediately said: “Mom, I speak from the heart, your leg is still not well, really need to recuperate,”

“Can not run around and toss, if so early to go to the United States, playing around in the mountains, it may affect your recovery, leaving after-effects.”

Saying that, he smiled faintly and said, “In my opinion, you might as well stay in Aurous Hill, rest and recuperate,”

“It just so happens that you have a good relationship with Horiyah now, so you can let her accompany you more.”

Elaine said almost without thinking, “No! When you all leave, leaving me alone at home, I live alone in such a big house, I will be scared to death!”

Charlie said, “Mom, I will leave you 500,000 pocket money before I leave,”

“We are gone for a month or so, you can do whatever you want in Aurous Hill,”

“Nothing to ask Horiyah to accompany you to go out shopping, beauty, and then do SPA,”

“Is it not more comfortable than following us to the United States to run around?”

Elaine once heard Charlie said to give her 500,000 pocket money, immediately excitedly asked:

“Good son-in-law, you …… you really want to give Mom 500,000? You wouldn’t be deliberately lying to mom and making fun of her, right?”