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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3960 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3960 Start

Claire even said two and, shyly lowered her head and said softly, “And I can’t stay away from you for such a long time ……”

After saying that, she looked at him, and excitedly said:

“But if you can accompany me, there is not a problem, we can short rent a house near the school,”

“Or directly live in a hotel, except for class time, I may have to temporarily separate from you,”

“The other time we can accompany each other! Of course, the main thing is that you stay with me!”

Charlie could see the expectation in his wife’s eyes, and he knew very well that this was one of his wife’s biggest dreams.

And he, as a husband, should spare no effort to support it.

So, he asked her: “Wife, when will this master class of yours start?”

Claire replied, “If you are sure to go to it, then you have to report to the school at the end of the month,”

“And the course officially starts on May 1st and ends on May 31st.”

Saying that, she added: “However, after the course ends on May 31, there is a three-day stay, and when the stay is over, you can leave school.”

Hearing this, Charlie could not help but sigh with relief.

Going to the United States for more than a month, although a long time, but the good thing is that the time is at the end of the month.

By then, the auction will have ended, he just has nothing on hand, so he also can relax a little.

In addition to the Wade family in the country, it is the Emgrand Group, JX Pharmaceuticals, and matters related to ISU Shipping.

But the good thing is that these companies have someone to help him take care of, the Wade family side also has the old man personally sitting in the town, no need of Charlie’s efforts, to run the affairs.

What’s more, there is Cataclysmic Front sitting behind him, even if there is any accident and change in the middle, it can also respond in time and quickly solve.

In this way, his time is also relatively more relaxed.

Accompany Claire to the United States for a month or so, it is not impossible, just as in the past to enjoy the world of two people.

Thinking of this, he opened his mouth and said to her,

“If you want to go, then I have no problem,”

“And the time is more convenient for me, so I can accompany you there.”

“Really?!” Hearing this, Claire asked with evil incredulity, “Honey, are you really willing to accompany me to America?”

Charlie nodded with a smile and said seriously, “Of course, when has hubby ever lied to you?”

Claire’s whole body suddenly jumped into Charlie’s arms with excitement and said, “Great husband! Thank you!”

Elaine said anxiously, “Claire, your father is going to Korea in a couple of days, I don’t know when he will come back,”

“If you also go to America with Charlie, won’t I be left alone at home?”

Claire said with an apologetic face, “Mom, I really want to go to the master class in this world too much,”

“so I’ll be sorry for you to live alone at home during this period of time.”

Elaine immediately cried and said, “Claire, mom’s legs are still not fully healed, so it’s not convenient to do anything,”

“If you all leave, in case I meet with any accidents, who will help me then?”

“To put it bluntly, if one day the elevator at home breaks down and traps me inside,”

“I will not be able to respond to the call of the day and the call of the ground,”

“Will there be only one way to die? Can you really bear to let Mom face so many unknown dangers alone?”

Claire at this time ashamedly said, “I’m sorry mom, it’s because I did not think thoroughly enough ……”

Claire thought she had found a good solution, so she asked,

“Mom, are you willing to go to America with us? Anyway, it’s only a month or so in total, you can think of it as a vacation.”