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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3953 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3953 Start

Claire heard Stella’s question and asked with an unbelievable face, “Why do you want me to leave Aurous Hill?”

Stella smiled and said, “Because Kelly and I want to invite you to go abroad for a while.”

“Go abroad? And still for a month?” When Claire heard this, she quickly waved her hand and said awkwardly,

“I don’t have that much free time, the company has to be managed, the family also has to be taken care of,”

“If I go out for three or five days, I can still squeeze out this time by gritting my teeth, a month is too long, it’s simply not possible……”

Stella said with a serious face: “Sister Claire, have you not heard people often say? Time is like a woman’s prize, squeeze it or have it ……”

Claire some sweat, touched her forehead, helplessly said: “A month is indeed too long, not to mention the time,”

“Even if I have free time I do not want to leave home for so long.”

Stella was busy teasing, “Sister Claire, I think you can’t let go of your husband, right?”

Claire pretty face is now red, she shyly said: “Not to say that there must be something untrue, I am mainly with him and we have not been separated for so long,”

“The past also when he went out of town to see feng shui, we would be separated for a few days,”

“But only a few days, not more than a week, so you want me to leave him for a month, I really dare not think …… “

Stella said with a smile, “So that’s how it is …… I understand ……”

Claire nodded and said, “Sorry Zhan, I’ll go out with you guys later if I have the chance.”

Stella willow-like eyebrows gently raised, smiled, and asked, “Sister Claire, it can be seen that you and Mr. Wade really have a very good relationship,”

“Can not leave him for so long ……”

Speaking here, Stella turned her words and asked with a smile, “However, Sister Claire,”

“If you are allowed to go to the United States to attend the master class at Rhode Island School of Design, then would you be willing to leave your husband for a month?”

Claire said casually, “Of course, I’d be willing to do that! If I can really go to the Rhode Island School of Design master class,”

“Then I can leave my company, and then go back and ask my husband for a favor, so that he will agree to let me go to ……”

Stella smiled and nodded, and then looked at Kelly beside her and smiled, “Kelly, do you have anything to say?”

Kelly looked at Claire with a smile on her face and spoke, “Claire, since you have said so, then I think that you can ask for a good favor with your husband in a while.”

Claire was still a little surprised and asked in confusion, “Ms. Kelly, what do you mean by that, how come I didn’t understand ……”

Kelly pulled out her own phone, and the screen of her phone showed an a web page.

She pointed to the information column on this web page and spoke, “Claire, this is the information submission backstage for the special approval quota for the Rhode Island School of Design master class,”

“I only have one special approval quota each year as well, as long as you are sure your time is okay, then I will enter your name and other information into and submit it to the Rhode Island School of Design,”

“As long as I submit it, you will become this year’s official student of the master class!”

“Ah?!” Claire whole person listened dumbfounded, subconsciously asked: “This …… Is this true? Ms. Kelly, you ……”

“You really intend to recommend me to attend this year’s master class?”

“That’s right.” Kelly said with a smile, “We are already good friends, and I can also see that you truly love the career of a designer,”

“And you have said before that you are very eager for the master class at Rhode Island School of Design,”

“And since I have this privilege, I certainly hope to help you realize this wish.”