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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 395 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 395 Start

When Wendy heard this, she did not answer Barena Wei’s question, but looked at Fredmen awkwardly.

She dare not say that she has no boyfriend, because she is Fredmen’s lover after all.

But she did not dare to say that she was Fredmen’s lover to outsiders. After all, Fredmen had a family and a room, and she would not be able to see it. In case she made her own way and said she was his lover and caused him trouble, it would be finding something for yourself.

However, what she didn’t expect was that Fredmen was very generous at this time. He smiled and said to Barena Wei directly: “Brother Wei, let’s tell you, Wendy is actually my lover, but you have to be tight-lipped and don’t tell others. .”

Barena Wei suddenly felt a little regretful. He thought it was Fredmen’s niece, but he didn’t expect that the niece was just a cover, but in fact she was a lover.

Although he fell in love with Wendy, he didn’t dare to steal a woman from Fredmen, so he could only dispel the thoughts in his heart.

Fredmen naturally saw his performance in his eyes, smiled quietly, and started talking with Barena Wei.

He deliberately asked Barena Wei, “By the way, Brother Wei, how is your Dad’s health lately?”

Barena Wei sighed and said, “It’s not so good. The Old Master had too many romantic debts when he was young. Now he has been punished, and his body is worse than every day.”

Fredmen asked curiously: “Mr. Wei has a lot of romantic debts?”

“Of course there are many.” Barena Wei said helplessly: “You don’t know that my Old Master, like me, is a humanoid pile driver. He was handsome when he was young, and he would coax women and buy medicinal materials everywhere by doing business. The chance of going to sleep is almost wherever you go in this field. As far as I know, there are no less than 20 old lovers! This is just what I know, more than that could be breathing somewhere!”

“So moving!” Fredmen exclaimed, “Your father was so romantic when he was young?”

Barena Wei nodded, and said depressed, “How else can I find a half-brother who is a wild brother for me? Actually, there are several wild plants outside my dad, and the others are all girls. This species is a man. After my grandfather knew about it, he insisted that the Wei family’s species could not be left outside, and forced my dad to take him back from Changbai Mountain.”

After speaking, Barena Wei said again: “Not only I don’t want to see this wild species, but my dad doesn’t want to see him either himself, but there is no way. It is a mess at home.”

Fredmen had long heard that the Wei family had two sons, the eldest son was Barena Wei, and the younger son Liang Wei was an illegitimate son. He was a romantic debt left by the Wei family’s father in the early years. He was not received until he was a teenager. The Wei family has never been seen by anyone, and even the character of the Wei family is not qualified to use it.

It seems that Liang Wei grew up in this environment, and it is also miserable enough.

Fredmen suddenly asked curiously: “By the way, Brother Wei, your Old Master is so romantic, his ability in that area is definitely not ordinary, is there any good medicine?”

Barena Wei nodded and said with a smile: “Don’t say, there is really a recipe that the Old Master accidentally got outside when he was young, it can strengthen the muscles and nourish the kidney, and greatly improve the ability of men in that area.”

“Really?!” Fredmen said in surprise, “Brother, is this recipe still there now?”

Barena Wei said: “How do you say this recipe? When I was young, my dad ate it for 20 to 30 years. It was really useful. It is said that when the old guy was collecting medicine in the southwest, he fought a dozen times overnight and he gave him the nickname Wei Jia 14…”

Speaking of this, Barena Wei sighed and said: “But this prescription, I wanted to take it for mass production later, and the pharmacokinetics studied it and found that this thing has the strong liver toxicity and nephrotoxicity, so you Look at my Old Master, in his early sixties, his liver and kidneys are almost exhausted, and the doctor said that if he lives for another two or three years at most, he has to go to the west to report to the Buddha.”