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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3949 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3949 Start

Hearing these words from Stella, Martina said nervously, “Miss, if you bring Master and Charlie to dinner together, won’t you expose your own identity?”

“That wouldn’t be the case.” Stella said, “I plan to invite Claire first, then I will let her help invite Charlie,”

“Then I will bring grandpa there directly and introduce them at the dinner table.”

Martina couldn’t help but ask, “Then how will you introduce your relationship with Master to Charlie?”

Stella said, “This is simple, just say that grandpa is my distant grandfather,”

“After all, the Zhan family and the Fei family are originally related, there will be no loopholes in terms of reasonableness.”

Martina was puzzled and asked, “Miss, I don’t quite understand, why do you want to arrange a meeting between the master and Charlie?”

“Originally this matter is two sets of plans, and the two sets of plans are well shielded and do not interfere with each other,”

“Why do you want to take the initiative to lift this shield?”

Stella sighed: “This matter always feels difficult, even with two sets of programs may not guarantee success,”

“Let grandpa meet Charlie before the auction, but also to add another new program,”

“Perhaps after the first two sets of programs have failed, grandpa can get what he wants from Charlie himself.”

“Okay ……” Martina nodded helplessly, she knew very well the reason why Stella attached so much importance to this matter.

Nowadays, Stella’s wings are not yet abundant, her father has little status in the family.

And Stella’s greatest fear is that the old man will leave too early.

Therefore, she could only pin her hopes on the Rejuvenation Pill.

At this time, an attendant knocked on the door and spoke,

“Miss, the hotel is urging to check out, the check-out procedure must be done at 12 o’clock.”

“Okay.” Stella answered and spoke, “This will go down.”

When she came out of the room, outside the door, in addition to her entourage, there was also Kelly, who had been here for many days.

Kelly had been staying at Shangri-La for the past few days, but today she was also changing to the Aurous Hill International Hotel along with Stella.

Seeing Stella come out, Kelly called out with a respectful face, “Miss Fei.”

Stella nodded and spoke, “Kelly, it’s hard for you to stay in Aurous Hill for a few more days, and then return to the United States after this week.”

Kelly agreed without hesitation and said, “Okay Miss Fei.”

Stella said with satisfaction, “Please don’t worry, Miss Kelly, after this matter is over, I will definitely not treat you badly.”

Kelly said with a smile, “Miss Fei is very kind, it is my honor to help.”

Stella smiled faintly, nodded gently, and said, “Let’s go, go check out of the room.”

Afterward, the group left the guest room area and went to the hotel lobby.

At that moment, Issac happened to see Charlie out of his office and the two were walking quickly through the lobby.

Stella saw Charlie at a glance, this scene was the same as the first time she saw him.

Except that at that time, Charlie came in together with Issac, and this time, he went out together.

When she saw Charlie here at this time, she didn’t feel surprised at all.

Although she also knew that the Rejuvenation Pill auction would soon begin.

And Charlie, as the owner of the pill, could be said to be the biggest boss behind this auction.

Therefore, it naturally made sense for him to appear at Shangri-La at this time.

Thus, Stella shouted, “Mr. Wade!”

Charlie heard the voice and knew it was Stella without turning around.