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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3942 Free Novel

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Kelly’s words really excited Claire, so she hurriedly said, “Ms. West, please don’t worry, I am a native of Aurous Hill, I am very familiar with the city,”

“I heard that it is your first time coming to China, I will definitely let you experience the culture and customs of China as much as possible!”

Kelly smiled slightly and could not help but say with some emotion, “Actually, I came to China once twenty-eight years ago, but that time I went to Eastcliff.”

When Stella heard this, she was a little annoyed in her heart. The feedback that Kelly gave to Martina was that she had never been to China.

And she had told Claire the same thing, so why did she suddenly change her mind again?

So, while Claire was still asking this question, Stella asked in mock surprise, “Kelly, didn’t you always tell me that you had never been to China?”

Only then did Kelly realize that she could not help but say the wrong thing, so she hurriedly explained,

“Actually, when I first came to China thirty years ago, I was entrusted by someone to come here to design her newlywed mansion,”

“And the other party was one of the most important people in my life. I’ve been claiming to the outside world that I have not been to China.”

Speaking of this, Kelly couldn’t help but sigh lightly and said from the bottom of her heart,

“That noble person is like a life coach to me, if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be able to have these achievements today.”

Hearing this, Stella could not help but ask with some curiosity, “Kelly, twenty-eight years ago in China, it should still be very traditional, right?”

“At that time, it is surprising that someone from the United States asked you to come to China to do private house design? This person must have been too avant-garde, right?”

“Right.” Kelly said with a few moments of admiration on her expression, “That noble person of mine, although she is Chinese, actually grew up in the United States since she was a child,”

“And later married a young master of a big family in Eastcliff, so she moved from New York to Eastcliff.”

Stella frowned slightly and said, “You said she grew up living in the United States and asked you to come to China to do the private house design,”

“And you were not allowed to reveal it to the public, is she very famous in the United States?”

Kelly West looked at Stella in surprise, not expecting this Fei family to be so perceptive and find the key point at once.

So, she smiled slightly, nodded, and said, “In fact, thirty years ago, her fame in American high society was very, very big,”

“And even now there are many people who talk about her with respect.”

Hearing this, Stella was even more curious and asked her, “If that’s true, then maybe I’ve heard of her, what’s her name, is it convenient to tell me?”

Kelly thought about it and laughed softly, “She has been away for many years, it’s not inconvenient.”

Saying, Kelly put away the smile, looked with nostalgia, with admiration, and with a bit sadness said:

“Her name is Margaret An, thirty years ago, she was called the investment queen of Silicon Valley,”

“I do not know if you have heard of it, if not, it is not strange, after all, she has been gone for almost twenty years,”

“When you were just born, she has already left America.”

Hearing the words Margaret An, Stella was dumbfounded!

She exclaimed, “Margaret An…… how could I not know Margaret An, she is our ……”

Speaking of this, she gave a slight beating and hurriedly added: “She is the pride of countless hearts!”

In fact, Stella instinctively wanted to say that Margaret is the idol of all Stanford alumni.

The spiritual leader who inspires all Stanford alumni to strive for excellence, and is a totem-like existence at Stanford.

No one at Stanford doesn’t know Margaret, even though she passed away 20 years ago, her mark is still everywhere at Stanford.

She is the highest-ranked female alumna in the Stanford Hall of Fame and has supported a large number of startup projects.

These are like eagles at Stanford and in Silicon Valley, many of which have now grown into international Internet and technology behemoths.

At Stanford, there is a road named after her, a building named after her, and a scholarship fund.

At the same time, she is also recognized by all Chinese alumni of the institute.

Although Stella had never met Margaret, she had heard too much about her since she was a child.

Therefore, when she was very young, she regarded Margaret as the biggest idol in her life.

And the reason why she got into Stanford was because of the influence of this name.

When she arrived at Stanford and learned more about her, she was not only amazed but she was also surprised.

Deep in her heart, she even felt that if her future achievements could be one-third of Margaret’s, then she would have not lived her life in vain.

However, she never thought that this interior designer she met for the first time would be an old acquaintance of Margaret!

Therefore, she stood in the same place as if she were a wooden chicken, her heart was already overwhelmed.

And at this time, Claire was standing in a daze too.

This was the first time in her life that she heard Margaret’s name.

She didn’t know what these words represented behind, let alone how these words were inextricably linked to her.

She just felt that this name, as beautiful as a poem ……